Tech forward ways to introduce green energy into your home

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This is a guest post. If you’re interested in guest posting, read our guest post guidelines. Introducing green energy into your home is part of the process of reducing energy costs. A homeowner has many options that can be used to achieve this goal. Proper planning is required before homeowners introduce any type of green energy solutions for use at their home. Photo Credit: Fernando Tomas via Wikimedia...

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Cutting back our hydro bill – UPDATE!

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A few months ago, Brian and I reported our shock at receiving a hydro bill for over $160.  Until that time, my typical hydro bill was always between $25 and $45 every two months.  Needless to say, we were not happy.  We made some attempts at cutting back energy costs and tried out some tips for cutting back our electrical bill, as suggested by others.  Unfortunately, being in an apartment, our...

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