Things To Know Before Applying As A Mystery Shopper

Consumerism is almost a religion in the United States. Almost all states are reopening during a pandemic so people can shop at malls, dine out, and buy things. Shopping is an activity that is hard-wired into the genetics of Americans. Businesses know that too. It’s why the, “mystery shopper,” is an actual vocation. Americans spent over $13.4 trillion on consumer goods in 2019. Over 70% of the...

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Top 10 Side Jobs – #10: Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping, mystery shopper, side job, extra income
Welcome to a new ten part series at the Outlier Model on the Top 10 Side Jobs available to the average person.  Please check out our intro post and tune in every Wednesday as we count down to #1! Sitting at #10 on our list of Top 10 Side Jobs is mystery shopping.  Before I became involved in mystery shopping, the idea of secret shoppers was not unknown to me.  I had worked in retail for a long...

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