I shouldn’t have waited…

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As many readers might recall, Brian and I split our retirement savings between our RRSPs and our Tax Free Savings Account.  In my TFSA, I hold exclusively dividend paying stocks which I hope will one day be the basis of my early retirement income.  Right now, I have BMO, SLF, RSI and REI.UN in my portfolio. For a while, I had been holding strong at 81 shares of BMO, which got me a quarterly dividend...

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My plan for early retirement

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James blogs at Free in Ten Years where he documents his path to an early retirement. He is planning to retire at 38 by saving 75% of his income by being a frugal machine. He blogs about money saving ideas, investing and avoiding consumerism. I am planning to be retired from paid work within ten years; on or before my 38th birthday. I have an average income for my country and started this process with...

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Our early retirement plan

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For Brian and I, the big motivator for working hard, paying off our debts and savings gobs of money is the allure of early retirement. Who wants to work forever? I’d rather take advantage of free haircuts, cheap homecooked meals, and even free tax software and put my money to better uses. Sure, there are people who apparently love their jobs so much that they never want to stop, but for us, we...

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