August garden update

It’s finally gotten warm and sunny here in Vancouver, BC. That means good times are coming for my garden, right? Well let’s see…! First, the balcony plants!   The Beans – … Seriously? After the toxic mushroom incident, I changed out much of the soil in the bean planter. As a result, the beans have gotten taller and more bean-like. A few flowers bloomed. And then…...

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Gardening on the balcony

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It’s been about four weeks since Brian and I started up the balcony garden.  We knew that it would be tough – our balcony is large but north-facing so there isn’t a lot of sun exposure.  But at the same time, we didn’t want to be discouraged.  There’s also a lot of great resources available online for those who are interested in small space gardening. Well, the initial...

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