Earn Cash Betting on Weight Loss With HealthyWage

“If you find yourself starting over all of the time, then stop giving up.” I make a habit of collecting motivational quotes to help me in times of need. For example, like when I need to lose weight and keep it off. Junk food is like a comic book nemesis that I have never been able to vanquish. I feel powerless against it sometimes. “The person who says, ‘I can,” and, ‘I can’t,” are...

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These Bad Habits Are Making Your Dentist Rich

Image © Matt Madd/Dentist I grind my teeth. It is an awful, uncontrollable habit that I do whenever I am asleep. For many years, my jaws would grind against each other as hard as possible. I only realized it recently as I was waking up with horrifying, pain-pulsing toothaches. It’s funny how we can become Sherlocks of the self only out of necessity. I noticed that these toothaches would erupt in...

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