Save money: Brew Beer! (Part 1)

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British Columbia has the highest alcohol and liquor taxes in all of North America – A depressing thought, given that I work in the industry part time. On the bright side, this gives me access to a lot of great beer and wine that I wouldn’t necessarily have found otherwise. Unfortunately, good beer costs more! I’m now accustomed to drinking fine craft beer without the budget to...

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Germany on a budget: Accomodation

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In about a month, Brian and I are heading to Germany for a 3 week trip.  I’m super excited.  The trip is entirely paid for in cash – though I won’t go into the details here. We’ve planned the trip down to the last dollar and have really tried to maximize experiences and value. Over the next few posts, I’m going to talk about some of the tricks and tips we’ve used. Cheap...

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Indulge yourself to stay on track

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Budgets are tough.  It’s easy to want things and so much harder to say no.  Saying no to yourself does get easier over time, but it helps if you leave enough room in your budget for the occasional indulgence.  It’s like a diet.  Everyone knows that eating lots of fruits, vegetables and fiber will keep you healthy, but the occasional chocolate bar does no harm and may offer some benefit as...

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Our $500 weekend ski getaway

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The bf and I have always held the belief that being frugal should not come at the expense of enjoying life. We still go on vacations every year because we place value on traveling, experiencing new locations, and trying out new foods and drinks. However, vacations do not have to be expensive. There are always deals to be had or ways to save money. This past weekend, we went up to Whistler, one of our...

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