Seeing Vancouver BC – Free

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Summer is the best time to visit Vancouver.  It’s sunny (usually), warm (usually), and there’s lots of free events and attractions to take advantage of.  Even though I live here, I still do all the touristy things during the summer, especially if they are free.  Here are some of my favourites: GastownPhoto Credit: K. Sy The TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival marks the beginning...

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Spending our fun money

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Brian and I often get ridiculed for not having “fun” with our budget.  I say that it is blatantly untrue!  We simply pick and choose what we like to spend our fun money on.  We don’t like to spend our money idly and we like to make sure we have enough spending money for unexpected splurges throughout the week.  We also like to make sure we get the maximum value from our fun money. ...

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Cable and internet success!

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Brian and I were getting a bit concerned about our cable and internet bill. As many of you know, TV is not really a priority in our household (although we do enjoy live sports). Internet is nice, but it’s not really a necessity since we both have internet access through work, nearby coffee shops, and through our phones. We like to pay as little as possible for our media services since they are...

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Save Money: Brew Beer! (Part 2)

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When we last checked in, we had left Chris to rack over our beer to the glass carboy for ageing. If we assume a 4 day fermentation cycle, the beer would have been racked over on March 26th. We returned to bottle the beer on April 13th, after approximately 18 days of maturation. Let’s pick up where we left off!   Step 4: Prepare for bottling and bottle conditioning Most home-brewers don’t...

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