Use These 5 Websites to Get the Best Car Deal

Websites for best car deals
Shopping for a car is stressful. After all, you’re going to commit a significant amount of money to the purchase. Most car buyers are hoping to land the best price possible on a quality vehicle. At times, figuring out what is actually a good deal is challenging. Luckily, you have some resources at your disposal. Tamila McDonaldTamila McDonald has worked as a Financial Advisor for the military for...

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Should You Become a One Car Household?

With the price of cars and auto loans constantly on the rise, becoming a one-car household has been looking more and more appealing to me. I shared before how my husband and I are planning to never get another car loan again and I still firmly stand behind that stance. We still have our own cars and we plan to drive them into the ground before we switch to a one car household. To be honest though,...

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How to Find a Cheap Car that Runs Well

second-hand car purchase, car purchasing tips, cheap car tips
Buying and maintaining a car can be expensive. Depending on where you live and what your needs are, having your own car may be a necessity. If you depend on your car to get you to and from work or to drive your family around there’s probably no way you can get rid of your car and ride a bike around the area to save money. I know for me personally, riding a bike is not an option for me to use...

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What you Need To Know Before Financing a Car

financing a car, tips on financing a car, financing a car advice
Given the fact that cars are so expensive, most people explore their options with financing a vehicle when they need one. While saving up to pay for a car in cash is one of the best alternatives to financing, it is not always the most realistic since you may need a vehicle before you have enough savings lined up. If you do choose to finance your next vehicle, you can do so in a way that’s financially...

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