Do You Have a Financial Back-up Plan?

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Do you feel like you are finally starting to get a grip on your finances? Maybe you’re finally bringing in a steady and consistent income. Maybe you’ve recently grown your emergency fund to be able to cover several months’ worth of expenses. Maybe you are starting to get control of your debt and make some lead way on payments. It’s great to move see improvement with the way you manage money...

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How to Avoid Getting Into Debt this Holiday Season

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Christmas will be here before you know it. We’ve shared ways to shop smart for the holidays and how to save, but you can still go into debt by mismanaging your money and overspending during this time of year. It can be tempting to splurge during the holiday season, especially after several months of budgeting well and keeping your finances under control. Holiday ads prompt consumers to spend more...

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How to Be Happy on Any Income

being happy, being satisfied, on a budget
Whether money can actually buy happiness or not has been debated quite a bit. Money can certainly help you become financially stable and secure, which can contribute to happiness, but do you believe simply having money will make you a happier person long-term? I’d like to argue that you can feel happy on any income. You may not always feel content if you have a lower income, but you can always feel...

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Save Money on Heating Costs this Winter with These Simple Tricks

saving money, heating costs, winterizing
Winter weather is no joke when it comes to your heating bill. Depending on where you live, harsh winters can cause you to run your heat every day and that increase on your bill each month can cause your budget to become tight in some other areas. Trying to save on heating costs can be discouraging because you have to run your heat in the winter to stay warm. On the contrary, these helpful tricks will...

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