I shouldn’t have waited…

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As many readers might recall, Brian and I split our retirement savings between our RRSPs and our Tax Free Savings Account.  In my TFSA, I hold exclusively dividend paying stocks which I hope will one day be the basis of my early retirement income.  Right now, I have BMO, SLF, RSI and REI.UN in my portfolio. For a while, I had been holding strong at 81 shares of BMO, which got me a quarterly dividend...

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Top 10 Side Jobs – #7: Newspaper Delivery

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Photo Credit: via Flickr Welcome to a new ten part series at the Outlier Model on the Top 10 Side Jobs available to the average person.  Please check out our intro post and tune in every Wednesday as we count down to #1! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This week’s featured side job, coming in at #7, is Newspaper Delivery.  Now, don’t laugh – despite its traditions...

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Updates: October 13-19

Yikes – Brian’s not here and I have to do an update post? That’s right… due to an incredible two week long head-cold-flu-angry-stomach-issue, I did not end up going to Europe.  Big sad face  🙁 I’ll be able to use the majority of the money I paid on an alternate ticket (thanks KLM!) but it still sucks that I’m going to be missing out this time around.  Sighhhhh. Photo...

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Student loans…One year later

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I started paying off my student loans one year ago in November 2012.  Technically, this is the second round of repayment for me, due to my second degree, but it still marks the first year of my first aggressive attempt to pay it down.  I started with about $27,000 in student loans at 5.5% interest, calculated daily.  When I started repayment, my daily interest charge was well over $4.  That’s...

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