Hidden Messages in Famous Logos: 17 Surprises Behind Well-Known Brands

Many of the logos we see daily carry hidden meanings or messages, cleverly integrated into their design by imaginative graphic artists. These secrets often go unnoticed at first glance, adding additional depth to the brand’s identity. Here are 17 well-known logos with hidden surprises that might just change the way you look at them.


Look between the ‘E’ and ‘x’ in the FedEx logo, and you’ll find a forward-pointing arrow, symbolizing speed, precision, and forward direction in the company’s logistics services.


The Amazon logo features a smiling arrow from A to Z, representing the company’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive and wide range of items with a smile.


This Swiss chocolate brand’s logo includes the image of a bear standing on its hind legs, hidden within the Matterhorn mountain, paying homage to Bern, Switzerland, known as the “City of Bears.”

Baskin Robbins

The pink sections of the ‘BR’ in the Baskin Robbins logo highlight the number 31, representing the original number of flavors offered by the ice cream chain.


The LG logo features a smiling face, with the ‘L’ forming the nose and the ‘G’ outlining the face. It symbolizes friendliness and customer satisfaction.


The Toyota logo is often interpreted as a stylized image of a needle eye with a thread passing through it, a nod to the company’s past as a loom manufacturer. Additionally, the three overlapping ovals in the logo represent the unification of the hearts of the customers and the company.


The BMW logo is commonly thought to represent an airplane propeller against a blue sky, paying tribute to the company’s history in aviation. However, it actually signifies the Bavarian state colors, where the company originated.


The Pepsi globe logo draws on Feng Shui, the Renaissance, the Earth’s Geodynamo, and more, symbolizing the magnetic and energetic field of the brand. It has evolved over time to reflect the brand’s dynamic and youthful energy.


The automotive company Continental’s logo features a tire, but if you look closely, the first two letters, ‘C’ and ‘o’, are designed to depict a car tire in motion.


The lines in the Cisco logo represent both an electromagnet and the Golden Gate Bridge, a nod to the company’s San Francisco Bay origins.

Tour de France

The Tour de France logo cleverly includes a hidden cyclist. The letter ‘R’ forms the body, and the sun in the ‘O’ suggests the bike’s back wheel, with the front wheel represented by the letter ‘O’ in “Tour.”


The Gillette logo features a precise cut between the letters ‘G’ and ‘i’, highlighting the sharpness and precision of the company’s razors.

Formula 1

In the negative space between the ‘F’ and the red stripes in the Formula 1 logo, you can spot the number 1, representing the top racing class in the Formula Racing domain.

Beats by Dre

The logo not only represents the brand’s initials ‘b’ but also depicts a person wearing headphones, symbolizing the brand’s primary product.


The Pinterest logo’s letter ‘P’ doubles as a pin, reflecting the social media platform’s function of allowing users to ‘pin’ their interests and ideas.


Every element within the Unilever logo represents an aspect of the sustainable living the brand aims to promote, with icons symbolizing nature, growth, freshness, and vitality.


The NBC logo features a colorful peacock with six feathers representing the company’s six divisions. The peacock is looking to the right, signifying looking forward, and highlights the network’s focus on broadcasting in color during its early adoption.

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