How To Buy A Car From Goodwill

How to buy a car from Goodwill

Wanting a car and being able to buy a car are two different things.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American salary in 2019 was just under $49,000.

However, the average price of a new car in 2019 was $36,700.

Imagine using almost 75% of an annual salary to buy a new car.

This is a serious dilemma for many people since over 63% of Americans drive on an almost daily basis.

You don’t need a brand-new car to have a reliable car. However, most used car dealerships require good credit, may sell cars with questionable functionality, and which cost too much.

How to buy a car from Goodwill

The average price of a used car in 2019 was $20,000, or, almost half the price of a brand-new car.

So, what’s is a hard-working, working class person in need of an affordable car to do?

Buy one at the Goodwill.

You can buy a car at the Goodwill at prices commensurate to your income through an application process or attending a local auction.

Goodwill cars are affordably priced. You could qualify for low monthly payments. There are no credit checks.

Before getting into the application process, let’s talk about the Goodwill.

What is the Goodwill?

Goodwill Industries International is a non-profit charity, job training, and job placement program headquartered in Rockville, MD located on the outskirts of Washington, D.C.

The Goodwill helps people in need get that help with dignity while facilitating opportunities that can help them help themselves.

The Goodwill specializes in workforce training, job placement assistance, health care acquisition, education services,

English language training, childcare, offering new and second-hand clothing, and numerous other supportive services.

Like, acquiring a used car based on your personal financial scale and ability to pay.

However, the concept of goodwill, like the Goodwill, is the use of positive energy being, transacted, liaised, or leverage for further positive developments.

In other words, free cars are not just given out at the Goodwill. You can probably get a good used care there, but there is an application process.

The Goodwill helped over 35 million people globally in 2018. Additionally, over 242,00 people were trained for work opportunities in various job sectors. There are over 3,300 Goodwill and Goodwill-affiliated stores in North America.

Buying a Car From the Goodwill

There are no free cars at the Goodwill.

You can buy one at a price commensurate to your ability to pay for one if you qualify.

Start the process by first contacting your local Goodwill. If there are several Goodwill organizations in your area, call or email each one and ask about their respective application processes.

There are basically three ways to buy a car from the Goodwill:

  • Through a local low-income work and social program
  • Direct application
  • Auction bidding

Every Goodwill has its own unique process for selling donated cars depending on region.

How to buy a car from Goodwill

The Goodwill sources cars for sale only through local donation. There are only so many people in a local area willing to donate cars to the Goodwill. Every respective Goodwill has different application metrics to determine your qualifications to buy a car.

Applying Via Local Work or Low-Income Program

You may have to apply to buy a car via the Goodwill through your local or state-sponsored social or work advocate program.

For example, in Michigan, you would have to apply to buy a car at the Goodwill via the state’s Department of Human Services.

Or, through a municipal, city, or state-sponsored program that helps working-class people acquire cars through the Goodwill. In Michigan, the program is called, “Wheels for Work.”

There is no credit check, but there will be numerous qualification conditions you must meet for the application process. There could include, but are not limited to:

  • Clean criminal background check
  • No history of drug offenses
  • Proof of residence
  • No current car registration
  • Proof of work history going back 6 months

Depending on the social program that you apply through, you may be required to maintain your current employment for at least a year after acquiring the vehicle through Goodwill.

Direct Application

You can apply directly at your local Goodwill and fill out an application.

However, in this situation you will be assigned a Goodwill caseworker who will ultimately approve or deny your application based on your personal circumstances.

You can download such an application via your local Goodwill website. Or, you can go to the local Goodwill near you and get one.

Required information on such applications include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Number of people in household
  • Employment history
  • Pay stubs for the last one or two months
  • Copy of driver’s license

Depending on the number of local applicants and availability of cars, it may take time before you are approved or denied.

Cars sold at the Goodwill are donated from local communities. The proceeds of such sales are then used to fund the services offered by the Goodwill. Initiating a local car donation drive for the Goodwill could be a good indirect and preliminary start to getting the car you need.

Auction Bidding

Contact your local Goodwill and ask about its local auction schedule.

This is only a good option if you have a few thousand dollars you can spend.

After all, you’ll probably be bidding alongside other people, like you, looking for the best deal.

You’ll definitely spend less money than you would at the local dealership.

How Much Does a Goodwill Car Cost?

There are no set or average prices when it comes to cars sold through the Goodwill.

Such prices are set according to car model and the personal finance metrics of the local working-class demographic.

Be prepared to spend a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

For the sake of reference, some of the vehicles sold at the Goodwill organizations located near Tampa, Florida sell for prices between $1,100 and $2,500.

How much such vehicles will cost at your local Goodwill will vary.

Call Your Local Goodwill

Start the process by calling your local Goodwill.

Be flexible. You probably won’t get the car you want. However, you’ll probably get the car you need at a price based on your ability to pay.

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