Organize and Declutter on a Budget: 6 Creative DIY Ideas for Home Storage Solutions

6 Creative DIY Home Organization and Storage Solutions

Over the years, I’ve helped many people sort through their junk and get organized. While I have a knack for organization, I’ve learned that half the battle is in gaining perspective. Although it may seem like an impossible task, it’s much easier than you might think. Usually, the hardest part is getting started. So if your house feels like it’s in disarray and you’re overwhelmed, these 6 creative ideas for home organization and storage can help you regain control of your home.


6 Creative Ideas for Home Organization and Storage


One of my most important rules for organizing is that every item has a designated place. Once you know where it belongs, you can easily return it to its place. However, these 6 tips will make it easier to maintain organization in your home.


1. Create Your Own Storage Containers

I love the variety of storage containers you can get from box stores. But, they can get expensive, especially if you are tackling a big project. So, I try to use things that I already have and repurpose them for home storage and organization. Not only does this save hundreds of dollars, but it also allows you to flex your creative muscles.


Smaller boxes are great for keeping drawers tidy, and larger ones can be cut to make any type of container you can imagine. I’ve used them for desktops, paper files, magazines, jewelry, makeup, and even in the pantry. When it comes to creating your own storage containers, you are really only limited by your own imagination.


Sometimes it’s as simple as repainting old bins or covering old boxes with colorful prints and fabric that complement your color scheme. I’ve even used contact paper and adhesive wallpaper from leftover projects. And if you have as many Amazon orders as we do in our house, then you will have all the materials you will need. This video can help you get started, showing you how to make your own boxes step by step.


2. Hang It Up

After living in Southeast Asia, I learned the importance of utilizing every inch of your space, including the walls and ceilings. Oftentimes, we would hang things to free up storage space and keep the ground clear. Although you may have to purchase the hooks, brackets, or mounts for larger items, you can get basic ones from your local hardware or dollar store fairly cheaply.


Here are a few projects we have done that have completely transformed our home organization and storage spaces:

  • freestanding clothing rack when you have limited closet space
  • pots and pans to clear cabinet space in the kitchen
  • garden tools in the garage to keep things tidy
  • magazine racks on the wall to clear tables and counters
  • mount bicycles to get them out of the way


3. Create a Work Wall

With more people working from home nowadays, many of us have to make room for a home office. Not only does this condense more stuff into your home, but also adds the challenge of keeping your work and home life separate. And to make it even more complicated, my husband and I share the office.


To keep us organized, we created a “work wall” where we put calendars, a whiteboard, and important notes about pending tasks. We kept ours pretty simple utilizing magnetic whiteboards and corkboards. However, you could expand on this and use corkboard tiles to turn it into a large pinboard and delineate it with colorful tape. If you have kids, you could also use chalkboard paint on the lower half to make it more kid-friendly. Even a hanging rail system or hooks for small containers will let you keep your office supplies in order.


4. Make Storage Stations

Another mess that we are constantly battling is the drop zone near the entryway. So, we made storage stations near access points to reduce clutter. It includes several hooks for keys, purses, hats, bags, and outerwear as well as a bench with cubby holes for shoes. There are also several shelves for sunglasses, change, and other things you might need when you walk out the door. I’m planning to add file baskets to coop some of the space for sorting mail as well. What was once the catch-all for our home now helps keeps us organized.


Since it was so effective, I’m also putting together ideas for gift wrapping and my art supplies. These items can be hard to store and access when I need them. But having a dedicated space for everything makes it easier to keep track.


5. Use Hidden Storage to Maximize Space

As mentioned before, Asian-sized apartments taught me to take advantage of every inch of usable space. I quickly learned that every crawl space and alcove can be used for additional storage. Although new furniture with hidden storage space will be expensive, there are cheaper solutions that will achieve the same effect.


The key is to hide things in plain sight. Tables, benches, and ottomans provide ample storage. Using storage cubes will give you more space while hiding your clutter. You can also find large storage containers that will easily slide under beds. To hide cluttered shelves and under-sink areas, we’ve also hung curtains so everything is out of sight.


6. Whenever Possible…Add More Shelves

When all else fails, you can always add more shelving. This will vastly increase your storage capacity and efficiently use your space. And now that you know how to make your own storage boxes, you can safely stash everything away.


We’ve added shelving over doors, in alcoves, in bathrooms, in the shop, and above the garage doors. Built-ins are perfect for home organization and storage. However, adding floating shelves will also encourage you to keep things looking tidy since it’s out in the open.


Dedicate Yourself to Decluttering

Although there are tons of creative and clever solutions to help you organize your home, it won’t mean anything if you keep accumulating more stuff. Therefore, you have to dedicate yourself to decluttering your home on a regular basis. However, this can be the hardest part since people have trouble letting things go. But if you want a simpler, more organized lifestyle, you will have to let go of things that no longer serve a purpose. When you do, both you and your home will feel lighter.


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