It’s a New Year and It’s Time for Some New Money!

I hate to admit it, but I’ve become just the tiniest bit addicted to TikTok. The videos on side hustles and making money vary greatly – some I immediately spot as a scam and some have been pretty convincing.

I can literally spend hours there, lost in the videos of creators I follow and discovering new ones. It is pretty interesting how the theme of the video content I am exposed to varies from day to day. One theme that is consistent is money – different ways to make money, save money, and even invest money; although, I do not see that as often.

Making Money Options

There are a few money-making ideas that really stand out to me…and some that I am absolutely not interested in.

  • Affiliate Marketing – making a percentage (typically pretty small) off sales based on a link provided by the seller
  • Investing in Real Estate – buy it and rent it, remodel it, or just flip it and it’s all about location
  • DIYourself Creatives – make and sell your crafts or remodeled furniture
  • Design & Sell Digital (or Physical Products) – never touch anything, use a fulfillment partner
  • And so on and so forth!

side hustle coffee mug

Are you Tempted to Try One?

I have been too honest, I am been pretty tempted to try one. I would like to add an additional stream of income. It would be great if it was passive, but I think most of these take a significant time investment to get started. But perhaps, once up and running, maintenance time would or could be minimal.

I am thinking of trying the design and sell a digital product. I’ve got several clients that I’ve produced cheat sheets per se for and I think there could be a market for them. Would anyone be interested in a series on how I go about that? All the costs, time investment, and tools I use.

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