10 Thrift Store Finds That You Can Take to the Bank

Thrift Store Finds that You Can Take to the Bank


As many people are looking for new side hustles or ways to generate cash flow, thrift stores are becoming a treasure trove of unrealized wealth. Although many people believe their old junk has no value, thrifters and upcyclers know better. If you are looking for ways to turn second-hand items into profit, here are 10 thrift store finds that you can take to the bank.


10 Thrift Store Finds That You Can Take to the Bank


1. Designer Clothes

Living in a consumer-driven society means people often buy more than they need. The same holds true for clothing as well. Many people buy items they never wear, and they hang in the back of the closet for years. Rather than letting them take up space, people donate unwanted items to local thrift stores. There have been many occasions when I find things that look brand new with the tags still on them.

This unfortunate reality is good news for those who appreciate the value of quality thrift store finds. You can even turn it into a profitable business if you know what to look for. Those who successfully sell second-hand and vintage clothing frequently find inventory at thrift shops. However, you are more likely to find desirable pieces if you focus on accessories, handbags, shoes, winter wear, and jeans. And, you will likely find more if you visit stores in more affluent neighborhoods where fewer people are looking for second-hand items.


2. Silver

Although most flatware and decorative pieces aren’t worth more than the purpose they serve, you will occasionally come across valuable silver pieces. Even if it is tarnished or just a stray piece from a set, it still can be sold for scrap. If you learn how to locate the stamps and identify silver pieces, you could earn a large payday from your thrift store finds.


3. Picture Frames

Anytime you visit a thrift store or Goodwill, you will find an entire section of wall art. While most of the artwork itself leaves a lot to be desired, vintage frames are popular items that fetch a good price. So ignore the odd image, and focus on the quality of the frame. Anything ornate, well-made, or that features a unique design could prove to be worth more than meets the eye.


4. Pyrex

There has been a huge resurgence in the demand for vintage cookware, especially Pyrex cooking bowls. They offer a classic look that people love and the durability to last for generations. And, you can frequently find them on the shelves at local second-hand stores.

Many people donate these vintage items to local thrift shops when they are clearing out the homes of elderly family members or simply trying to make space in the kitchen. Therefore, these are great items for those who are looking to turn a profit. If you find a Pyrex dish, or better yet a matching set, you can get a good return by selling them through online marketplaces or auction sites.


5. Glassware

Not only is your grandmother’s cookware in high demand, but many glassware sets are also becoming more popular. Vintage crystal and cut glass, colored and smoked glass, cocktail glasses, and glass jugs don’t stay on the shelves long. So, if you see them while browsing at your local thrift store, they may be worth picking up to resell. Keep in mind that the condition and completeness of the set matter. Chips, cracks, and missing glasses will severely affect the value of these finds.


6. Textbooks

Textbooks are another potential bargain bin treasure. Any college student can tell you just how expensive their course textbooks are. Even worse, they often don’t retain their value for long. So, many people end up donating them rather than taking the time to resell them. If you come across them at a local thrift shop or book store, they may still have some value. But before you buy up all their reference books, search the titles on BookScouter to see if they have any resale value.


7. Classic Typewriters

If you haven’t figured it out yet, “vintage” is all the rage. Like all trends, everything that was once old is new again. So technology that has faded with time, such as classic typewriters, may find new life with those who appreciate the craftsmanship of these machines. Besides writers and journalists who have a fondness for this technology, other types of collectors also seek out vintage typewriters. Even though most kids won’t understand the pain of correcting their mistakes on one of them, these iconic machines are becoming more valuable as they are harder to find.


8. Record Players

Casual fans and musicophiles alike can appreciate these thrift store finds. Vintage vinyl and record players have become extremely popular in the last decade. So, finding a functional record player could prove very profitable. If you are familiar with vintage audio and stereo equipment, you may even be able to clean up and repair items for a bigger return on your investment. Next time you find yourself in a second-hand store with a large electronics section, be on the lookout for classic turntables that could bring you some extra cash.


9. Vintage Cameras

Vintage cameras are another hot-ticket item that can bring you a lot of cash. While modern cameras offer amazing clarity and performance, some people still prefer the quality and feel of older technology. And if you are lucky enough to find a rare model in good condition, it could be worth more than you realize. Enthusiasts are willing to pay top dollar to own a piece of history that predates digital photography.


10. Toys, Board Games, and Video Games

This last category may seem like a hodgepodge of miscellaneous items. However, it all stems from the same generation of people who are hoping to recapture moments of their youth. Today, many vintage games, toys, and comic books are selling for thousands of dollars, particularly within fandoms that have a large pop culture following like Lego, Star Wars, Pokemon, and Barbie.

Collectors’ items and limited edition toys can sell for up to six figures. Classic board games that contain all the pieces and are in good condition will also fetch a good price. And since retro video games are also highly sought-after, your old cartridges or childhood favorites may be worth a small fortune to the right buyer. So, if you have any of these items that are stored away or long forgotten, it may be time to cash in on the nostalgia.


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