How to Earn Money by Solving Math Problems Online

How to Earn Money by Solving Math Problems Online

How to Earn Money by Solving Math Problems Online

If you were good at math when you were in school or enjoy solving equations for fun, it may surprise you to learn that you can actually earn money by solving math problems online. Whatever your qualifications, current position, or professional experience, they are ways to generate more income by putting your skills to use.

Your knowledge can help others who are struggling to grasp difficult concepts. Or, you could put your expertise to work building a lucrative new career. They are even ways you can earn money by playing games or challenging other mathematicians in math duels. If you are looking for a change of pace or new side hustles to bring in extra cash, check out these 5 websites that will pay you to crunch the numbers.

5 Websites Where You Can Earn Money by Solving Math Problems

1. Study.com

This online learning platform has been offering affordable and effective education to help millions of students achieve their academic goals. Rather than packing dense material into long lectures, study.com has short and engaging videos for each lesson. It spans all levels and content areas, providing assistance to both students and professionals looking to sharpen or gain new skills.

If you think your math skills are up to snuff, you can apply to become a freelancer and join their team to answer the Expert Q&A. When students submit questions, you can get paid to write detailed explanations and walk them through the steps to find the solution. How much you earn varies on your position and the number of hours you work. But based on employees’ reports salaries, you can expect to earn somewhere between $10 and$20 an hour.

And, even if you make a mistake, your answers are always reviewed before delivery. So, if you feel confident with your knowledge of arithmetic, all you’ll need is a reliable internet connection to start earning money.

2. Upwork

Every freelancer should be familiar with Upwork since it is the most popular freelance platform worldwide. Professionals from all industries can post their jobs online. Then, freelancers around the globe submit their proposals to bid the contract. Although it may seem odd to look for ways to earn money by solving math problems online, there are a number of jobs that require math experts. And, the list is updated daily.

After you create and verify your profile, you can browse through current job listings to see if your skill set fits the bill. When you find a job that you would like to apply for, you can create a proposal and submit your bid. If the client likes what they see, they’ll hire you for the job. These jobs typically require a higher skill level to make you more competitive.

However, it can be difficult when you first start out. Until you build a reputation in the community, it can be challenging to win bids. And, the amount you earn varies depending on how much each client is willing to pay for your experience. You confirm your rate when you win the bid, and payment completed when you finish the project. They offer digital payment options through Payoneer, Paypal, and bank transfers making it more convenient for everyone.

3. Tutor.com

Since 1998, Tutor.com has been matching students with online tutors in over 40 different subjects, including math. They have created a vast network of professors, teachers, graduate students, and professionals with higher degrees to help students better understand their areas of expertise. Students can find help on-demand or schedule time with preferred tutors.

So, if you have a talent for helping people grasp mathematic fundamentals or abstract concepts, tutoring could be an excellent way to earn money. With this fully online tutoring service which is available 24/7, you can also have a flexible schedule to fit your availability. However, you must be an American or Canadian citizen to work with them. And, they also require that you hold a degree in math or be at least a sophomore in college to apply.

Since hourly wages vary based on the subject you teach and where you live, it’s hard to give an exact salary. However, most tutors report earning $10-$17 an hour which is paid every two weeks through a direct deposit. Sadly, it may not bring a huge paycheck. But, tutoring math online is a great way to earn some extra money in your spare time.

4. OneClass

While many people are willing to pay you to do their math homework, OneClass also compensates you for sharing your notes. That’s right; you can get paid for simply attending class, taking notes, and sharing them with your fellow students.

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t pay you an hourly wage. Rather, it is credit-based. You earn 25 credits for each page you contribute. Once you earn enough credits, you can then redeem them for cash or gift cards to national retailers like Amazon and Starbucks. And, you will also earn additional credits if you refer new people. Even if you have already completed the course, OneClass is an easy way to cash in on your hard work.

5. Math Cash App

One of the most unusual and enjoyable ways to earn money by solving math problems online is with Math Cash App. Instead of hiring you for your skills, you win money by completing puzzles, participating in challenges, and beating other players in math games. Each player can also compete in cash duels. During these duels, you have 60 seconds to solve 20 math equations. Whoever solves them faster wins the points.

Once you accrue enough points, you can redeem them for cash. However, it only pays $1 per 1,000 points so it will take time to earn real money. All cash is paid through PayPal and requires a minimum of $5. Although it won’t be a huge source of income, it’s a fun and profitable way to improve your mental arithmetic.

If you love math, there are plenty of ways you can continue to benefit from your knowledge. Even if you chose another career path, you can still make money solving equations and expressions.

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