How to Sell Used Appliances for Cash

How to Sell Used Appliances

Disposing of large appliances can be a huge chore. While there are places that will take your donations, did you know you could earn some extra cash if you sell your used appliances?

Where to Sell Used Appliances for Cash

1. Find a buyer in your area.

If your appliances are still in working order, try posting them for sale in local online marketplaces. Look for buy/sell groups on Facebook or write an advertisement for Craigslist to help you sell your used appliances. Both have easy-to-use mobile apps that allow you to use your phone to take photos and message potential buyers. Be sure to share it with your friends and cross-list your items in multiple places to increase your exposure.

You could also advertise in the local paper and circulars to reach more people. Even hanging your contact information on public bulletin boards could help you get rid of the unwanted appliances.

2. Sell it to a recycling center or independent contractor.

With the current prices, scrap metal is a very lucrative business. Therefore, you can easily find recycling centers and independent contractors that will take your old appliances. Some may even pay you a small amount of money for them. Not only do they haul them away for free, but also remove all the hassle of moving and disposing of the appliances. Check with local centers and contractors in your area to see if they offer these services.

3. Talk to local dealers.

You can also call local dealers near you to see if they will buy your appliances. Some salvage parts from non-operational appliances while others may repair and resell them. Search for ‘used appliance dealers’ online or in the local listings to locate businesses in your area that specialize in repair work.

However, call ahead and talk to a sales associate to see if they have any interest before you lug it around town. Even if they can’t pay cash, they may offer in-store credit which could save you money. When making arrangements, also be sure to ask about pickup fees and flat rates if you have multiple items. These factors could all affect your total profit on the deal.

4. Sell it for Scrap Metal

If they are beyond repair, you can still sell used appliances for scrap metal. As previously mentioned, scrap prices have drastically increased. So, if you want to keep the entire profit, you could try selling them for scrap yourself. Keep in mind that scrap yards pay by weight and prices fluctuate, so your cut is based on current market pricing.

Where to Get Rebates for Used Appliances

For those who prefer to avoid the headache of trying to sell, you could opt to trade your used appliances for a rebate. Many local and federal agencies offer rebates if you upgrade to ENERGY STAR certified appliances. Some states offer additional rebates for up to $50 if you upgrade too. These 18 states offer a reward when you donate your appliances to an approved recycling center. And, they will usually remove it free of charge as well.

Another option is to look for manufacturer rebates. If you know which brand you prefer, the company may offer discounts when you turn in your old appliances. In addition to the cash savings, they will install the new ones and remove the old ones. So, if you are purchasing new appliances, ask if this option is available to you.

Where to Donate Used Appliances

At some point, the effort to sell used items is not worth the hassle. For example, if you don’t own a truck or want to rent one, it may be easier to donate than to sell your used appliances. In this case, you could donate them for a charitable tax break. Although you will need a receipt, you could itemize it on your next return and claim the deduction. Several organizations including the Salvation Army, Goodwill, Vincent de Paul, and Habitat ReStores accept donations of used appliances

There are also several recycling centers and individual contractors will haul away your old appliances free of charge. It is both profitable for them and convenient for you. You should research the facilities beforehand though, because they may be very particular in the materials they accept. So, you would be wise to compare rates, terms, and online reviews before enlisting their services.

Things to Consider If You Want to Sell Used Appliances

When you are advertising your appliances for sale, here are a few things to keep in mind to help you get the price you want on the timeline you need.

1. Be honest with your advertisement.

Be honest in the description and state the true condition of the appliances, including function and any cosmetic flaws. You should also include the year/model number in addition to the size and dimensions. Specifying the location and pick-up instructions as well as your price point will also save a lot of questions.

2. Sales take time.

Rarely do sales happen within a day.  Finding a buyer takes time and patience. It also means spending a significant amount of time dealing with phone calls and messages. Be prepared to talk to several potential buyers and even show them before you make a successful sale.

3. Your appliances are only worth as much as people will pay for them.

If you want to sell your used appliances, you need to know how much to ask. It’s unlikely that you will get the price you paid. So, you need to have realistic expectations. Look at similar listings to see what price to set. Flexibility and room to negotiate may be the keys to getting the sale.

4. Personalize your advertisement to make it more appealing.

Include your own experience with the appliances to relate to the buyer. An explanation as to why you’re selling them could also help your cause. You can also offer helpful links to product reviews and the manufacturer’s information to reassure people they are buying a quality item.

5. Keep up with correspondences.

Finally, don’t neglect your inbox. Any good salesman will tell you how important it is to follow up with any lead you get. Don’t wait to respond to inquiries. The faster your response time, the better your chances to sell quickly and for the price you want.

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