What Keeps Costco Employees Happy?

What keeps Costco employees happy?

What keeps Costco employees happy? Let’s take a look.

Ranked One of The Best Places to Work

Costco is a fixture in Glassdoor’s list of “Best Places to Work.” And it made the list again in 2021. It is also a top-rated company by the online job site Indeed. In addition, Comparably, a company that monitors workplace culture and compensation, lists Costco among the best companies to work for.

In 2020, Costco won Best Company Perks & Benefits and Best Company Happiness, according to Comparably. That finding was based on 12,496 ratings. As a result, Comparably determined, “employees at Costco are very satisfied with their work experience.”

Great Wages

“I was paid well,” wrote a former employee in an Indeed review. “They cared about and assisted whenever I needed it. My managers appreciated everything I did and were quick to correct me before problems arose. “
“Costco is a great company to work for,” wrote a current employee. “They pay very well, especially as a starting wage. Great health benefits. There is also a lot of room for growth within the company.”
Wages reported on Indeed ranged from $13.12 an hour for E-commerce Specialists to $50.60 an hour for Food Managers. The average Costco Wholesale salary ranges from approximately $20,000 per year for Maintenance Assistant to $138,492 per year for a Pharmacist.

Great Benefits

Another feature that keeps Costco employees happy is stellar benefits.

You are eligible for health benefits after working 24 hours a week for 180 days. Unlike most plans, you choose your provider. There is also a solid drug plan and low-cost dental insurance.

Costco’s 401(k) plan will match your employee contribution fifty percent up to $500 per year. In addition, Costco offers paid time off (PTO). After one year, you start to accumulate one week of PTO. Two to four years, it’s two weeks. PTO tops out at five weeks after 15 years.

Great Work Environment

Costco is known for its positive culture in addition to excellent pay and benefits.

The company has established a thorough training and mentoring program. Its success is reflected in employee comments.

“Costco is a great company to work for,” wrote one employee on Niche, a site that connects students with schools and jobs. “Everything is well organized and the people in charge know what they are doing. The new workers are properly trained making the tasks go by smoothly because the workers actually know what they are doing. Working at Costco also comes with great benefits and the ability to move up the ladder fairly quickly.”

“Costco is amazing, writes another employee. “The way that they treat their staff, members, and suppliers are exceptional. They highly encourage growth and do all they can to help their employees achieve their goals!”

Room For Advancement

There is nothing more soul-draining than working a job you don’t like with no hope of advancement. That is not the case at Costco. In fact, Brian Woolf of Retain Strategy Center estimates 76 percent of Costco’s warehouse managers started at entry-level and worked their way up.

How to Get Hired at Costco

There is a lot of competition for jobs at Costco. However, with persistence, you can find yourself on the way to a great career.

Applications are handled online and you must pass a drug test.

Most people start with a warehouse position and work their way up. According to reviews by former and current employees, interview questions cover previous work history, your availability, and education.

Bear in mind, many Costco positions require public contact. At some point in the process, you will probably be asked how you would handle a rude customer.

If Costco is the kind of place you want to work, here is a helpful video.


What keeps Costco employees happy?

A great starting wage; great benefits, PTO, and a good work environment. Why wouldn’t Costco employees be happy?

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