You Can Live in Barbados for a Year Right Now – Here’s How

Sometimes, the only way to make sense of, or escape, the suffering in one’s life is to become a spectator to it.

What does that mean? Well, sometimes you need to focus on the cause of the suffering as much as the suffering to find a solution.

For example, the coronavirus pandemic of early 2020 caused a forced unemployment crisis not seen since the Great Depression.

We know live in a world with, “essential workers,” and, “nonessential workers,” designations.

Essential workers need to work in public positions which can expose them to the virus. Nonessential workers have been legislatively mandated to work at home to stop COVID-19 spread.

Essential worker roles have been limited as much as possible in this pandemic. Bars, restaurants, supermarkets, and any business with public employees have limited the number of workers they need. Whether right or wrong is another issue – it wouldn’t hurt to learn how to telecommute and/or digitally monetize inherent skills.

The modern work office will become socially complaint work spaces for the foreseeable future. That means that every qualifying employee who can work from home will be encouraged to do so.

In fact, about 42% of all the jobs currently available in the United States are now telecommuting positions.

Over 56 million Americans have applied for unemployment insurance since March 2020. If you are able to adapt to telecommuting work, you should try.

Whether we like it or not, telecommuting will become the new business norm on a global scale.

Here is a sweetener – if you’re currently telecommuting and able to travel, you could live in Barbados for a year.

The Barbados Travel Stamp

Barbados is an island country located in the Caribbean. It is 1,700 miles southeast of Florida and less than 700 miles north of Venezuela.

It is an island paradise for international tourism and the country’s economy is dependent on it. So, coronavirus pandemic or not, Barbados is still trying to serve its international clientele.

The Barbados Welcome Stamp program, which is accepting applications now, allows foreigners to live in the country for a year.

You must already be a financially self-sustaining telecommuting worker. Also, you can also only work as a telecommuter during your year-long stay in Barbados.

Here are the qualifying conditions:

  • You must have health insurance for yourself and/or spouse and dependents
  • Pay $2,000 for one-year individual visa
  • Pay $3,000 for family visa
  • Make at least $50,000 annually
  • Consent to background check
  • Be tested for COVID-19 before and after arrival

After applying for the Barbados Welcome Stamp program, you should get a response within a week.

Right now, there are less than 150 infections and 8 deaths connected to the coronavirus in Barbados.

Barbados is initiating this program because it is extremely dependent on tourism. Over 12% of the country’s GDP is created by tourism.

Over 100 countries have banned or restricted access to Americans due to the coronavirus. Offering year-long telecommuting work-visas makes Barbados stand out in a world desperate for answers in a business uncertain world.

This opportunity may not be optimal for you.

The point is to remember that there are work opportunities available if you can adapt to telecommuting.

You may not find the work you want. You might find the work you need.

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