How Adopting a Zero Waste Lifestyle Can Save You Money

Want to know an easy way to save $1,000 every 3 to 5 years? Stop buying paper towels and just buy reusable and financially empowering bamboo paper towels. It’s an easy way to adapt to a zero waste lifestyle and save more money.

Does that sound too New Age-y for you? Well, it shouldn’t. The world is running out of resources and we waste too much money on resources that can be often reused.

It’s hard to change a mindset. And that truth reminds me of a movie quote.

David Bowie was a once-in-a-generation musical talent, but he was also a great actor. His final, non-cameo, non-voiceover dramatic role was in the 2006 film The Prestige. The film is about 2 warring magicians who lose their respective humanity trying to outdo the other. Bowie had a supporting role as Nikola Tesla. Anyway, in one scene, Bowie’s Tesla remarked that people are slow to change and that humanity only tolerates one or two changes at a time.

Well, if you have been paying half-attention in 2020, everything has changed. So much has changed that is out of our control.

So, I challenge you to control one change in your life for the better.

Buy bamboo paper towels. One towel lasts for months, you can machine wash and dry them, and you will save thousands of dollars.

And, it is a way of adapting to a zero waste lifestyle easily that will help the environment and save you money.

Before I tell you about bamboo paper towels – what is a zero waste lifestyle?

Zero Waste Lifestyle

A zero waste lifestyle is a set of life principles where people adjust their mindset to reducing carbon footprints.

In other words, you reduce the waste you throw away until you throw away nothing.

It costs money to have city workers pick up your garbage, transport your garbage, and process your garbage.

Most city governments don’t even recycle, although they will fine you if you don’t.

Plastic never biodegrades. Every piece of plastic that has been created since the 20th century still exists. Plastic has been found in the stomachs of fishes. in a few decades, there may be more plastic than fish in our oceans.

The aim of a zero waste lifestyle is to reduce your waste out to zero and reuse every waste resource as much as possible

Alright, I can hear you thinking: “So what! What does that have to do with me?”

Let’s start with paper towel waste and why you should buy bamboo paper towels.

Paper Towel Waste

I have written about wanting to adopt a zero waste lifestyle before. And one thing I wasted a lot of money on is paper towels.

I usually bought the $1 off-brand paper towels and they would last half a day. And, I grew up in a big household, so we were buying more than 5 or 7 rolls of paper towels weekly.

So, I don’t know if I was buying $365 dollars’ worth of paper towels, but I was wasting hundreds annually. The typical American spends over $1,000, or more, on paper towels in just 5 years.

That is a lot of financial waste for one household.

And I am not alone.

Americans typically waste over $5.7 billion annually on paper towels. Additionally, Americans spend over $4 million annually on landfill fees for dumping paper towels.

The impact of waste on the environment is practically incalculable.

Over 50,000 trees must be cut down every day to keep up with daily American demand for paper towels. American create over 3,000 tons of paper towel waste daily.

America as a whole needs to adapt a zero waste lifestyle soon.

If each household would buy just 3 less paper towels a year, then we would save 120,000 tons of waste annually.

The problem is that paper towel use is so ingrained in American society that most people don’t see it for the waste crisis it is.

Three words may help Americans adapt to a zero waste lifestyle quicker – bamboo paper towels.

Bamboo Paper Towels

If you can only adapt to one zero waste lifestyle change at a time, I recommend you start with bamboo paper towels.

Bamboo paper towels are ultra-absorbent and thick paper towels that are manufactured and derived from organic bamboo.

Bamboo paper towels are eco-friendly, can be reused hundreds of times, and will save you thousands of dollars over years.

Most bamboo paper towels are made with a blend of rayon and bamboo.

Rayon is a chemically treated form of cellulose, or, natural wood pulp. Rayon is soft, durable, and texturally blends well with bamboo’s natural absorbency.

Bamboo is over 40% more absorbent than cotton and absorbs over 3X its natural weight in water.

One bamboo paper towel can be hand washed or machine washed and dried a hundred times before it organically degrades.

In fact, one 30-roll of bamboo paper towels is the financial equivalent of over 430 traditional paper towels.

Bamboo is responsibly and sustainably harvested annually. Plus, bamboo plants regenerate new sprouts annually too.

The most well-known bamboo paper towel company is Bambooee, which was notably showcased on reality TV show Shark Tank.

Each 30-piece roll of Bambooee costs about $10. But think about it. You can buy a roll of Bambooee each season.

Depending on how often you use them, they could last longer. So, that is $10 to $30 worth of Bambooee towels annually you can buy against $300 or more of traditional paper towels.

As a proprietary and ecologically friendly commitment to the environment, Bambooee and its business partner Trees For The Future plant one tree for every roll of Bambooee sold.

Start Somewhere

So much unwanted change has been thrust on people in 2020. I think it can be empowering to enact change on one’s own terms.

There are many ways you can adopt a zero waste lifestyle.

You can raise worms to eat and digest organic waste and excrete natural fertilizer.

Or you can find ways to artistically repurpose every piece of plastic you think about throwing away.

The simplest way you can start a zero waste lifestyle is to stop buying paper towels and start buying bamboo paper towels.

Adapt to one or two radical but incremental changes at a time. Save the environment and money.

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