Never, Ever Buy These Items From the Dollar Store

A bargain is something you don’t really need, and probably don’t even really want, but desire because of irresistible pricing.

And dollar stores perfected the proprietary art of making low-quality and cheap items look like bargains.

A lot of dollar store products are items of inferior quality. Many are sold in deceptively repackaged, smaller-sized quantities to fool you into paying more than you would elsewhere.

The food sold in dollar stores are unhealthy, long past their freshness dates, or are of inferior quality.

We patronize dollar stores because they are cheap and convenient. I am not judging you. I used to patronize them more than I am willing to admit.

Still, you are wasting money buying most products there. You are better off patronizing trusted retailers and supermarkets.

Want proof? Here are two products you should never buy at a dollar store.

Tools and Toolkits

Have you ever bought a hammer, screwdriver, or mini saw from a dollar store? They are smaller in size than traditional tools and manufactured under low quality standards.

Tools sold in dollar stores carry inherent safety hazards. I have had multiple hammer handles bought there break while in use.

Dollar store tools won’t last long, won’t work efficiently in repairs, and pose a serious safety hazard when in use.

Always go to a hardware store or respected retailer to buy tools.

Some tool manufacturers, like Craftsman, guarantee some of their tools for a lifetime.

Various retailers, like Sears, may replace damaged tools at no charge.

Buy tools at trusted hardware shops and retailers during Father’s Day when discounts are steep.

Chewing Gum

Listen, there is no polite way to say it – dollar stores are deceptive in their sales practices.

As a demographic, you are basically the old school cartoon character who momentarily turns into a lollipop – a sucker.

You’re going to pay more for the simplest products relative to local retailers. You may be overpaying by a penny or two, but that seriously adds up over time. Especially if you frequent the dollar store often.

Dollar stores repackage products in trial-size or fun-size quantities and mark them up relative to the local supermarket price.

Or, they take a simple product, like gum, and overprice it by a penny or two, maybe even three.

For example, you might pay $1 for a four-pack of Doublemint gum at a dollar store. At 5-sticks per pack, then that is 5 cents per stick for 20 pieces.

Keep in mind that the MSRP for one 5-pack of Doublemint gum is 35 cents, or 7 cents per stick.

Sounds good?

Well, you can go to Amazon and get 200 pieces of Doublemint gum in a 40-pack. You will pay $7.48 or 4 cents per stick. Buy gum in bulk at bulk retailers and you will save even more money.

Sounds like a trifling matter? If you buy that $1 four-pack of gum at the dollar store in ten visits, then you just paid $10 for 200 pieces of gum.

You are paying even more relative to Amazon or a bulk retailer if you buy gum there often.

Some Products of Value

There are some products you should buy at the dollar store. They include:

  • Party supplies
  • Writing notebooks, paper stationary, and assorted writing supplies for school
  • Greeting cards
  • Plastic storage containers
  • Plates, drinking glasses and mugs

Consider what you buy, and why, when you patronize the dollar store. Otherwise, the dollar store is the only one who wins, like a casino, after you step into one.

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