Here are 13 Free and Affordable Online Computer Programming Courses

When you can’t think of a good reason to continue on your current path, you need a reason to start over.

Food banks systems are being stretched to their limits. Many food bank systems just can’t keep supplies in inventory because they are being given away as fast as they are supplied.

Food insecurity is a symptom of a greater problem exacerbated by the coronavirus outbreak – cataclysmic levels of forced unemployment.

In June 2020, almost 5 million new jobs were created. Sounds great, but the devil is in the details.

Some experts believe that the true unemployment rate may be over 20%. Part-time workers and those who have stopped looking for work are not counted in unemployment statistics. So, officially, the unemployment rate may be 11%. In February 2020, it was 3%.

5 million new jobs may sound great, but about 20 million Americans are still on unemployment.

So, what is the reality for people looking for work now?

50 million people are officially now unemployed. In reality, over 70 million people may be unemployed.

In an era where formerly dystopian terms like, “essential,” and, “nonessential,” are now everyday terms, starting over may be the only option.

Becoming a Computer Programmer

I must apologize to the readers of this column. Sometimes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and in my goal to educate people I assumed too much.

I have written a lot about how people can earn supplemental or even primary incomes as telecommuting workers.

I assumed too much about the ease of telecommuting for others. Also, I wrote from the point of view of a writer and assumed others could use writing as telecommuting vehicle.

You may need to start over in life. Telecommuting may be the key to begin working on your own terms.

It will not be easy.

You will need to learn new skills, enroll in online classes, and attain new certifications to attain well paying telecommuting jobs. Also, there are no medical benefits when you telecommute as a freelancer. Starting over means adjusting to new ways of life.

So, to make up for assuming so much, I want to expose you to the potential of telecommuting in other work fields.

If you want to be a computer programmer, there are numerous online education websites that are offering free and affordable classes in computer programming.


Coursera offers over 4,000 online courses in participation with over 200 universities and colleges. Here is a link to their computer programming courses.


edX is an online education portal that was founded by Harvard and MIT. It has over 2,500 online courses offered by 140 colleges and universities.

You can find a dozen other similar sites here.

Many are courses free and some start at $20. The catch is that even though the online course is free, you may have to pay as much as $150 for certification authentication.

Need a sweetener to consider this over? The average computer programmer salary ranges between $41,000 to $100,000. The median salary for most computer programming jobs is $63,000.

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