How To Earn Extra Income With A Mobile Phone

Over 44 million Americans have been forcibly unemployed by the COVID-19 pandemic. And even before the pandemic, people were struggling to make ends meet. The average salary was just $48,700. As our country endures cultural upheaval as well as simultaneous economic and pandemic crises, why not make extra income with a mobile phone?

The opportunities are out there. You could use your mobile phone to get paid as a mystery shopper, data collection facilitator for businesses, or even an online tutor.

How much money you make depends on your experience and your hustle.

Field Agent

No, I don’t mean the FBI field agent. Field Agent is an online data collection, auditing, and marketing platform for businesses.

Basically, Field Agent helps everyday people make extra income with a mobile phone as well-organized mystery shoppers. However, Field Agent refers to its mystery shoppers as, “agents.”

First, all you have to do is register on the Field Agent website and then download the app. Then, you can peruse the available work opportunities relative to your local area.

As a Field Agent, you will:

  • Write product reviews
  • Test out products
  • Mystery shop
  • Scan barcodes
  • Taking pictures of products on shelves
  • Conduct or take online surveys
  • Check veracity of prices at retail stores

Field Agent has over 1.4 million agents working across the United States. Additionally, Field Agent collaborates with over 1,000 business across 7 countries to furnish work opportunities for its agents.

You don’t have to accrue a minimum amount to be paid and you’ll be paid relatively quicker than with similar worksites.

Payment is facilitated through your prepaid debit card or via direct deposit.

Keep in mind, you must follow directions to the letter to accomplish assignments. Also, first-time agents are limited to relatively low-paying gigs until they finish multiple gigs.

You can earn anywhere between $2 to $12 for most Field Agent work assignments.


One of the most convenient ways to make extra income with a mobile phone is by downloading the Gigwalk app.

Gigwalk is a gig economy marketplace that matches gig workers with local freelance work opportunities. First, just download the Gigwalk Android or iPhone compatible mobile app.

Then you can find local work opportunities and supplemental incomes. Through Gigwalk, you can find work opportunities like:

  • Delivery work
  • Mobile app tester
  • Mystery shopping
  • Taking pictures of products on shelves
  • Online survey

You are more likely to find work on Gigwalk if you live in a large, metropolitan city as opposed to a smaller city.

After you register, you will then look for local work opportunities through Gigwalk’s gig list. You can also look for work via an interactive Gigwalk map relative to your local area.

You don’t have to worry about timesheets or invoicing to get paid. When you register through Gigwalk, you will create an online profile and be paid via PayPal.

Many Gigwalk users have even used the site as a steppingstone to long-term freelance and full-time work opportunities.

The average Gigwalk work opportunity pays anywhere between $3 to $100. Gigwalk workers are given performance scores after each gig. The higher your performance score, the more likely you are to be hired for higher paying gigs.


Similar to Gigwalk, EasyShift is a mystery shopper facilitation worksite. You can earn extra income with a mobile phone with EasyShift by getting paid to eat and shop at local retail establishments.

Just go to the EasyShift website, register, and create a profile. Then, just download the EasyShift app for either iOS or Android mobile phone devices.

With EasyShift, you can get paid doing things like:

  • Taking pictures of products on store shelves
  • Taking online surveys
  • Eating at restaurants and taking a survey
  • Verifying retail prices for products
  • Mystery shopping
  • Review retail promotions

You can get paid via PayPal as soon as 48 hours after completing a gig.

First time EasyShift workers only have access to relatively low-paying gigs until they complete more assignments.

Also, your work will be performance reviewed and you will be assigned various ranks according to performance reviews.

The higher your rank, the more higher paying gigs you will have access to.

EasyShift pays $2 to $20 per “shift,” or work assignment.

Online Teaching

Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak gripped the world in early 2020, schools were ordered closed for public health safety reasons.

As a result, over 1.4 billion students globally may not return to school for the foreseeable future.

Remote distance learning just can’t replace in-person class instruction. Still, there is absolutely no denying that the online teaching market will be in demand for a long time to come.

While a laptop or tablet may be more convenient, you can earn extra income with a mobile phone as an online teacher.

You can make more money if you have experience in education or writing. However, many schools and businesses require English conversation instructors. While the pay is relatively lower, you don’t need any experience as an English conversation instructor.

Be aware that many online teaching work opportunities require applicants to be native English speakers and/or Westerners.

Such companies include:

  • VipKid
  • EF English First
  • Cambly Inc.

Look for domestic and international work opportunities as well on Craigslist, Indeed, LinkedIn and other sites.

Experienced, certified, and licensed teachers can get paid $28,500 to $61,500. If you have no experience or limited experience as a teacher, you could make up to $10,000 annually to start.

Beware of Scams

Yes, you can earn extra income with a mobile phone. Just beware of scams.

I’ve done my best to list paying opportunities, but most opportunities pay very little.

If at all.

Many work-by-mobile opportunities pay less than $5 per assignment. For many such opportunities, you may only be paid via gift card. Or, you’ll be required to pay your own expense and then apply for reimbursement.

Also, don’t let a company sucker you into vicariously paying their expenses to conduct their work.

For example, many of these mystery shopper or work-by-mobile opportunities require you to drive around. Is it financially practical to pay your own gasoline and travel expense to conduct business research work for another company?

You are basically paying for their research expenses. Then, you will be paid $3 or issued a gift certificate.

Some opportunities require you to accrue a payout minimum amount of $20, $50, or $100 before you can be paid.

Meanwhile, you’re paying your own transportation and daily expenses and must complete multiple assignments to hit that minimum payout threshold.

Beware any opportunity that requires you to pay fees to apply or get paid for work.

Curb your enthusiasm and keep realistic expectations. It takes time to make any appreciable income through your mobile phone.

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