Here Are the Salaries of 2 “Essential” Telecommuting Jobs – Apply Now

If a job becomes an identity for an employed person, what happens when mass unemployment becomes the reality?

What becomes of identity where there is a severe dearth of jobs?

What to do then?

Over 40 million Americans have lost their jobs since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There aren’t many options available now for people looking for work.

Especially if you were formerly employed in a, “nonessential,” vocation.

Many of the, “essential,” jobs that are now available require interaction with the public and constant exposure potential to COVID-19. Having a job to survive, to assume an identity as a breadwinner, shouldn’t involve so much risk.

I am a telecommuting writer. Or, more specifically, what is known as an, “independent contractor.”

I am grateful for the work I have but I never take it for granted. That’s why I always look for side gigs.

For example, in this COVID-19 era, there are 2, “essential,” job that will be in high demand for the foreseeable future.

Coronavirus Contact Tracers

A coronavirus contact tracer is a science detective who helps identify the recent social circle of an infected person.

Contact tracers utilize technology, social media, science, and deductive skills to identity everyone in recent contact with a person infected with coronavirus.

Once a contact tracer can identify a social chain of contact, they can then expand their tracing efforts to that extended social circle.

Contract tracing can help experts determine what regions may become the next hotspot for infection spikes.

Over 300,000 contact tracers will be required in the near future.

The average contact tracer makes as much as $65,000.

Additionally, you can get all the training you need to become a contact tracer free via online training.

Coursera is an online learning website. In conjunction with John Hopkins University, Coursera is offering free contact tracing courses.

Online Teaching

Since the establishment of quarantines and lockdowns, over 54 million American students have been stuck at home and encouraged to begin online learning.

Online learning experiences have increased exponentially since the pandemic began.

So, online teachers can also choose between teaching children, teens, and adults through remote learning.

It helps to have experience, but many companies don’t require it for basic English conversational teaching positions.

The only basic requirements for most companies is that you’re a Westerner and a native English speaker.

You can start your search for online teaching positions on sites like Indeed, Craigslist, or LinkedIn.

Here are some online education companies that specialize in matching English-speaking tutors with young students, and foreign students, via video learning:

  • Cambly Inc.
  • Magic Ears
  • VipKid

You can find free and/or affordable online teaching courses at online education site EdX.

Coursera has similarly priced online teaching courses too.

The average starting salary for most online teachers starts at $12,000.

It can go as high as $61,000 with experience and advanced levels of skills and certifications.

I am a former educator myself and will be applying for online teaching positions too.

Identity Evolves

The concept of identity can be such a tenuous thing.

Uncontrollable life conditions, like disruptions to societal norms, can forcibly evolve personal identity.

For everyone now looking for work, it seems like the new ubiquitous identity that we can all relate to is that of survivors.

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