Coursera Offering Free Online Courses to the Unemployed Until September

It’s a horrible feeling to feel powerless to effect change in a time when change has been forced onto the planet overnight.

There is no future in despair.

Yes, there are legitimate reasons to despair nowadays. I won’t lie to your face about it.

I am going to talk to you about the merits of taking free online courses, offered by renowned and accredited schools of higher learning, to upgrade skills.

You know, I think I began writing this post to convince you of the need to continually upgrade work skills.

Maybe I am writing this column to convince myself more.

I am entering my mid-40s. Getting old.

I hated when younger people called me, “sir,” when I was in my 30s, but now the term is more apt.

It’s hard to aspire to learn more or attain new skills as we age. Young people have adaptable minds when it comes to learning.

As I get older, I feel like I must learn how to learn again.

It may be the only way to get ahead in hard times like these.

As of this posting, over 36 million Americans have applied for unemployment since March. That number will increase significantly as new unemployment statistics are released this week.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, unemployment statistics will progressively worsen for several years to come.

The CBO has estimated that the second half of 2020 will feature unemployment numbers not seen since the Great Depression.

I don’t need to tell you how bad things are out there.

However, upgrading work skills was an essential thing to do even before the pandemic.

The only upside in this bizarre time is that there are many online education sites which will allow you to take courses for free.


About a decade ago, I lost a job I had in academia that I held for over a decade. I then paid about $100 to attain online certification to teach English as a second language abroad.

I never used it because I became a freelance writer. However, there are many situations when one must upgrade skills for a job or to get a new job.

Since so many people are unemployed, and now trying to find telecommuting work, its easy to take online courses to upgrade skill.

Many online education institutions are offering courses absolutely free like Coursera.

Coursera is an online institution that offers courses in conjunction with over 200 accredited colleges and universities and businesses. Over 3,900 online courses are offered through Coursera. About 60 million people are enrolled in online courses on Coursera globally.

I am considering taking courses on writing and computer technology currently being offered free on Coursera.

Here is listing of over 100 online courses being offered for free on Coursera until May 31.

Are you a local, state, or federal government worker who is unemployed due to COVID-19? Coursera is offering such workers access to online courses for free until September 30,2020.

Interested in becoming a COVID-19 contact tracer? It’s a job that is in demand now. Coursera is offering free courses on COVID-19 until May 31.

EdX is another great online educational portal offering free and affordable online courses. The site offers over 2,500 online courses in coordination with 140 colleges, universities, and businesses.

I don’t have all of the answers. This is a tough time. I do know whatever your profession, it pays to invest in upgrading skills.

If there is one thing we all have a lot of now, it’s time.

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