I May Not Qualify As a Freelancer, But I’ll Try Unemployment

Have you heard about the “Murder Hornet?”

It’s not enough that the coronavirus pandemic is encircling the globe.

And its not enough that that over 30.3 million Americans are currently unemployed. (Or that the real estimate may be double that.)

Additionally, it doesn’t seem like its enough that the pandemic, and preventative lockdowns, seem to have no end in sight.

Now, we have murder hornets. Godzilla must be too busy to make an appearance.

The murder hornet is 2 inches longs, preys on honeybees and kills 50 people every year in Asia. It probably arrived in the United States around the same time as the coronavirus.

Sometimes I try to look up other news, since every news site features a “Coronavirus Alert!” banner with more horrendous updates.

I look up other news because I try not to think about money.

It’s like a catch-22. Lockdowns won’t benefit anyone. However, ending a lockdown prematurely, which can cause infection spikes, will require new and longer lasting lockdowns.

And no one is making money in the meantime.

I don’t want you to pity me. There are many people who are far worse off than I am. People with zero job, multiple mouths to feed, and lockdowned with few options on the horizon.

However, as fortunate as I am to be a telecommuting freelancer, my good fortune can never be taken for granted. I am not salaried, and I never assume I’ll never want for work.

Even, though millions of formerly salaried workers can barely apply for unemployment, recent legislation is allowing gig workers to apply.

I probably won’t qualify, even if I can apply with the strain on the application system.

But I will try.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, or the CARES Act, was recently signed into law by President Trump.

The CARES Act is legislation that is designed to help families, the unemployed, and small businesses access economic aid during this pandemic. Since intent and execution are two separate things, just keeping trying if you can’t through. Remember, millions of people are trying to access the system at once.

While studying this law, I found out that freelancers can apply for unemployment benefits too, but in limited circumstances.

Freelancers, gig workers, and independent contractors can apply for unemployment benefits under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance initiative.

Unfortunately, your odds of success depend on your local state laws. Also, there so many prohibitive conditions, you may not qualify anyway.

In California, freelancers don’t qualify if they made over $1,300 during any quarter in the past year and a half. (what the what!?)

Refer to the unemployment agency guidelines of your state for more information.

It’s a long shot, but I am going to try. I don’t have much to lose. The only thing that scares me more than COVID-19 is not having enough money.

And now we got murder hornets.

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