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price comparison apps

Adapting to change is hard for people. I am sure I don’t have to mention why, considering current events. Socrates once wrote that the secret of initiating change is focusing on building something new and not grasping at the obsolete. So, I want to show you some great price comparison apps that can help you save more money when you break quarantine to shop.

I don’t need to be Professor X to suspect you’re thinking, “Why?”

To put it plainly, you need to start saving money and strategically comparison shopping before stepping into a store.

It’s hard to walk out of quarantine, but at least you have money.

Many people don’t have any.

Over 30.3 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits from mid-March to the final week of April. Meanwhile, 98% of food banks reported increased demand and inquires for help.

We live in a time where people are stocking up on food supplies for a week or two at a time. Why not try to save as much money as possible?

Also, because of the economic crisis and the breakdown of the food supply chain, farmers, dairy farms, and food manufacturers are throwing away food. Or, letting it rot on farms to allow nutrients to seep back into soil.

Farmers and food suppliers are throwing away millions of pounds of crops, food products, and milk. This is due to the recent rapid breakdown of supply chain systems and corruption of the tenets of supply and demand capitalism.

The times are changing. A good price comparison app could come in handy.

So, what is a price comparison app and how do they benefit you?

What are Price Comparison Apps?

A price comparison app is basically a calculation algorithm that searches for different retail prices relative to one product.

It allows you to quickly compare prices for one product sold by many different retailers.

Have you ever shopped online at Amazon? You type in the name of a product. Then, you are presented with a long list of retailers and merchants who offer the same product for various prices.

A price comparison app works on the same concept.

price comparison apps

You can log onto a price comparison app website and compare prices. Or, just download the app onto your smart device. Then, enter the product’s name into the app, or scan the product’s barcode while in-store, to get a price comparison list.

How much you can save per trip depends on you. Do your research, make a shopping list, and make a preliminary budget.

A price comparison app will point you to discounted products offered at strategic times to help you trim your shopping budget.

Price comparison apps with the most access to inventories of various retailers give you the best odds of saving more.

Price comparison apps provide you with the best local discounts when they have access to your smart device location.

Keep that in mind if you have data privacy concerns.

price comparison apps

Over 81% of online shoppers engage in research and comparison pricing before buying a product. Most online shoppers checked out three websites before purchasing a product. A price comparison app could make this process easier.

The last thing you need to do today is to pay too much money when you break quarantine for a shopping run.

So, here are some price comparison apps you should be using to save more money.


Enter the name of an item manually, or scan it in-store, and the ShopSavvy app will find you the lowest prices relative to your location.

ShopSavvy offers a price alert option. Various products can be saved in a, “Favorites,” folder in your profile.

If a product goes down in price later, you’ll be alerted by a text or email price drop alert.


Yroo is a free price comparison app that you can find at Google Play and the Apple Store.

You can access and price comparison shop over 150 million different retail products via Yroo. Yroo features product listing provided by over 5,000 brands and retailers.

You track the price history of products in your favorites folder along and receive price drop alerts.

Additionally, you can peruse product reviews written by other Yroo members or write some yourself.

Yroo partners with retailers like:

  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Nordstrom
  • Target
  • Walmart


Honey is a free price comparison app that you can get on its official website or at Google’s Chrome Store or the Apple Store.

Honey partners with over 30,000 retailers and brands.

The Honey app serves over 17 million members who have saved over $1 billion collectively via the app.

Along with price drop notices and product price comparisons, Honey also regularly sends its members promo codes, online coupons, and online deals.

The average Honey member saves over $126 annually by using this price comparison app.

Via the Honey price comparison app, you might save an average of up to 17.9% per purchase.

Be Aware of Privacy Compromise

The only drawback of a price comparison app, along with many other location-tracking apps, are the privacy concerns.

These apps need to track your movements to find the nearest retailers offering the discounts you seek.

Also, businesses and retailers routinely data mine your app data inputs to learn which products consumers prefer more other others.

You’ll definitely save hundreds of dollars with the right price comparison app.

But nothing in life is free, especially in the data-driven 21st century.

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