Having your money stopped is missing out. But sometimes you also need to have it quickly – enter Iban Wallet. 


Being in business requires funding. That much is self-evident for anyone out there working hard to make it. Every little thing counts, and details can either make or break you.

But you must also take one small thing into consideration: if everything counts, those earnings you fight tooth and claw to get should also be put to work so that you can get where you want to faster and more efficiently.

This means you should also be considering the chance of investing those hard-earned fruits of your labor.

By now you should see the problem with this – what happens when you need to tap into these resources with relatively short notice? Starting to day-trade on and off isn’t really an option, not if you expect a different result than taking your chances at the roulette.

Is there no way to get at least some return with a bit of consistency?

In tech times, it’s time to go fintech

Meet the world of Fintech – financial technology – and all its innovations. From payments to lending, technology is accelerating and democratizing access to a whole bunch of financial possibilities, formerly only at the reach of banks and institutions.

And in the middle of this ocean of possibility, lies a resource I have found to be quite useful

Iban Wallet is a digital platform that gives everyone access to a set of different financial products to invest that can be very interesting to a business owner or freelancer.

On the investment side, they act as an intermediary to the loaning process, connecting investors with borrowers through loan originators. Their rates are possible through an efficient and agile process that is technology-centric. 

Since we are looking for some flexibility here, let’s take a look at their entry product – the Iban Account.

Iban 101 – the Iban Account

This is their entry product 

When you sign-up, you automatically open an Iban Account. After the first time, you had funds, you are able to access other products. If you want to explore these, explore their website for a while. 

Being an investment product, what first strikes you about this is the simplicity of using the app and how the information is presented. This is what the Iban Account gets you:

  • Projected 2.5% AER interest rate;
  • Daily results of your investment in your balance;
  • Ability to request withdrawals at any time, without any applicable term;
  • No service commissions or platforms fees (yes, it’s free to use);
  • Starting with as little as $1/€1.

As a business owner, this is a tremendously powerful tool to give you a little boost. Granted, the rate is not gigantic, but at this level of flexibility, the trade-off is justified.

It is essentially a way you can use to optimize your cash flow, if you are not completely risk-averse. Although I wouldn’t consider it to be too probable in case you are a business owner. And the do have in place a good set of risk-mitigation measures, you can check them here.

Still, you should always be aware that some degree of risk is associated here.

And the best part for some of you? You can access all this with a business account, meaning there is no need to mix personal and professional finances – all very cut and clear.

Let me know what you think!

Like I said, every little bit counts. As business owners, we must always be on the lookout to get that extra leg up and keep improving every day, even if it is just by a bit. So let me know your comments on this platform and the kind of results you’ve been having! 

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