Side Gigs That Make More Money Than A Full Time Career

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The average American makes about $47,000 annually, or about $900 weekly for the typical 40-hour workweek.

Even though the unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in decades, many Americans are struggling with making ends meet.

If you have marketable skills, or an enterprising spirit, then there are many part-time side gigs where you’ll make good money.
In fact, you might make more money with some side gigs on a part-time basis than with some full-time jobs.

If you’re enterprising enough and try to make a full-time career from side gigs, you can make serious money.

Now, it won’t be easy. A lot of hustle, networking, and researching of the markets you work in will be required.

Still, if you have marketable skills in side gig markets ripe with demand, you’ll supplement or exceed your income nicely.

The average part-time job consists of 20 to 35 working hours per week. So, here are some part-time side gig opportunities that you can make the most out of.

Greenpal Lawn Care Vendor

GreenPal is a lawn care service that also allows enterprising job seekers the opportunity to work with the company as independent contractors.

This employment initiative allows the company to expand its operations via outreach to enterprising independent contractors.

All you must do is use the GreenPal app to apply as a vendor and look for or be apprised of available work opportunities. Depending on where you live, and corresponding available work opportunities, you stand to make good money working part-time.

The average GreenPal vendor makes $55 an hour working part-time. So, that amounts to $1,100 for a 20-hour work week at the minimum, or $4,400 monthly, or, $52,800 annually.

If you can network, build a clientele base, and live somewhere where lawn care upkeep is in demand, you’ll clean up.

You can make $147,840 annually if you can make a 40-hour work week career contracting with GreenPal. Such pay rates are not guaranteed, it all depends on your hustle and local demand in your area.

TaskRabbit Contractor

TaskRabbit is work facilitator website where you can be matched with people in your area looking for work.
After filling out an application and creating a profile, you’ll be asked to list your marketable work skills and talents.

You’ll then be automatically matched with people seeking work related to your skills in your area. You set your own rates for the services you’ll offer.

Again, how much you can make realistically depends on the demand for your specific skills in your area.

Most TaskRabbit clients seek contractors like plumbers, carpenters, delivery people, furniture movers, and so on.

There is no limit to the types of job requests you may find on TaskRabbit. The only limitation you may encounter is demand for particular skills in your area, so research accordingly.

Some TaskRabbit contractors can make as much as $65 to $80 an hour.

However, such rates depend on local demand for the skills that you can offer and maintaining several loyal clients.

Online Curriculum Writer

Online education will soon become the norm when it comes to education instead of the outlier it is today.

Numerous industries, like the insurance and medical industries for example, have online courses that students can take.

Many trade schools, high schools, and colleges also regularly mandate that students complete coursework via online education modules and examinations.

Well, such students can’t complete their course requirements without an online curriculum.

Businesses and educational institutions hire subject matter experts, and former educators, to write their curriculums all the time.

You’ll find such freelance opportunities listed in Craigslist, UpWork, Freelancer, and other gig economy job listing sites.

You can make as much as $50 an hour as an online curriculum writer.

I can personally attest that I made $1,000 per assignment writing science based educational modules for a company that made lesson plans for middle schoolers.

How much you make will depend on your skill and demand from employers that need it. So, do exhaustive searches.

You’re bound to find the opportunity that suits your experience and skill.

Online Reseller Specialist

There is a large secondhand market for items and products on the internet.

People scour websites like Craigslist, eBay, Poshmark, Ubid, Bonanza, Atomic Mall, and many others, to discover hard to find, rare, or discontinued items.

There are people who desperately search for rare comic book, vintage vinyl records, video game systems from the 1980s, vintage clothes from previous decades, rare auto parts, and more on the internet constantly.

You can make as much as $46 an hour as an online reseller. However, it won’t be easy.

You’ll have to do a lot of research and learn about the demand for specific products in local auction and reselling markets.

Additionally, you’ll have to conduct extensive networking and outreach initiatives with vendors who can provide the items you’ll sell and the clients who will buy them at premium prices you set.

Basically, you’ll have to know your suppliers and your client base to sell items on your terms and prices.

Be Enterprising

Whatever your skill or talent, search extensively online for part time side gig opportunities.

Do you know have to design and maintain websites? Are you good with numbers and record keeping? Perhaps you’re an artist who is good at sketching characters, clothing designs and more?

Whatever your skill, there could be a demand somewhere for it.

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