What Finance Courses Does Boston University Offer? 

If you want to study at Boston University and major in finance, there are quite a few courses to choose from. However, you will have to deal with the task of writing a Boston University application essay or even submit a why BU essay first. What is particularly great about this educational institution is that there are tons of opportunities to develop additional skills and pursue your hobbies. If you want to be on the Boston University women’s soccer team, for instance, you can easily join. Apart from dealing with numerous Boston University essay writing assignments, you can take part in any other activities you are interested in. If you are currently mulling over the idea of applying to BU, here are the most interesting finance courses you can take. 

Entertainment Finance

This course will be focused on studying the financial structures, as well as decisions made within such fields as television, feature film making, music, live performances, digital media and other related business endeavours. Dealing with Boston University essay will also be on the agenda. If you want to major in this discipline, keep in mind that BU supplement essay has to be impressive. You will definitely cover lots of fascinating aspects within the field of entertainment finance even though the tasks of writing a Boston University essay may be quite frustrating. However, the first thing you need to do is to come up with a truly unconventional why BU essay. 

Fixed Income Analysis

If you pick this course, the primary subject of your studies will be the analytic techniques that are used in fixed markets in order to measure risks and determine their value. Surely, it’s no Boston University MFA creative writing but you will still get to deal with tons of interesting topics in your Boston University essay. Don’t forget that you will need to really rack your brains to submit a high-quality Boston University supplement essay if you want to be enrolled. 

Financing New Ventures

Such aspects as cash flow analysis, basic option pricing theory, IRR and NPV are those aspects which students should already be familiar with by the time they are going to start this course. The main topics of their curriculum will include payoff diagrams, venture capital financing for startup firms, capitalization tables, negotiating with investors and capital structure analysis. It is extremely important for a student taking such course as financing new ventures to always stay updated with all current events within the field, especially when new ventures and startups enter the market. 

Taking everything into account, majoring in finance does not necessarily mean that your studying process will be boring. Apart from the fact that lots of new interesting majors have been introduced within the field, especially at Boston University, there are also many unconventional courses students can take when they choose to major in such disciplines as finance. For instance, they can take such courses as entertainment finance, financing new ventures, fixed income analysis, European business in transition, investment analysis and portfolio management, real estate finance and investment banking. All in all, applicants these days have a lot to choose from. In addition, renowned colleges such as Boston University try to offer their students an opportunity to select interdisciplinary majors to provide them with useful knowledge and experience in a few fields. This way, graduates will have more options to choose from even if they have majored in such a traditional discipline as finance. What is more, we can expect more interdisciplinary majors at the majority of universities all over the world in the near future as this is the course of development our society has already embraced. 

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