Free Summer Events for Kids or the Whole Family

The term, “nothing is free,” takes on whole new dimensions of meaning when you have children and/or young relatives to entertain during a hot summer. It can cost over $470 per child to pay for events and outings like concerts, movies, amusement parks, and restaurants for the entire summer. Well over 31% of parents have lied about a child’s age to get out of paying full price for an event or outing.

I know the pain of such financial struggles. So, here is a list of some summer events that are absolutely free for children.

Kids Skate Free

The average cost of a roller rink ticket could be a few bucks for kinds and $10, or more, for, adults. Now there is a program called Kids Skate Free that has participating roller rink members in over 35 states. Just register online and search for any roller rinks or programs in your area that participate in the KSF initiative.  Then, you can print free passes for the kids. Even if you live near a roller that doesn’t participate in KSF, you can give them this online KSF encouragement letter to persuade them to join the program.

Regal Cinemas’ $1 Family Movies

If you have a few kids who need to be entertained cheaply for a few hours each week this summer, then pay attention. Regal Cinemas is showcasing current and blockbuster family films for $1 for 14 weeks this summer. Such films on the schedule include family and animated films like How to Train Your Dragon 2, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, Lego Batman Movie, House with a Clock in its Walls, and much more, all for only a dollar!

As with most things in life, it is best to never assume. Check or online or call ahead to make sure your local Regal Cinema is participating in this summer event. The film schedule and showing times will differ according to participating theaters. Please keep in mind that you will probably be in a theater packed with loud and overly excited children, so pack your patience.

Kids Bowl Free

The average cost for an afternoon of bowling can range anywhere between $2.50 per game to $27 an hour depending on where you live. That cost can add up quickly when all you want to do is find an affordable way to entertain your kids. So, you should know about a free bowling program for kids called Kids Bowl Free. A nationwide collective of bowling alleys, schools, academic and community programs have organized a summer program that allows children to bowl two free games per day for the entire summer.

The program was started to give children a safe place to have fun and to help parent save a little money.  Just register your child at KBF online and search for a bowling alley in your area that participates in the program. This free program represents a value of $500 per child if you paid for admission. The KBF event is available only at participating bowling alleys. Be aware that admission age limits for kids are determined by each bowling alley.

No Need to Pay Full Price

There are many more such free programs available this summer. Make sure to check for similar such initiatives in your area.

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