Tumble Dryers Are Not Cheap. Are You Shortening Its Lifespan?


Am I the only person on Earth who has developed a hate/hate relationship with their household appliances? If you don’t use appliances the right way, you can break them. It’s easy to use a blender, but then you must clean them properly, or you might as well leave a, “Welcome,” sign outside for ants and pests of all kinds.  Then there is the, “Energy Star,” consumer initiative for energy efficient household appliances.

If you see stickers with that slogan on an appliance in a store or e-commerce website, then that product is energy efficient. You can possibly save over $100 a year on your energy bills when you purchase an Energy Star appliance. However, this is only good for you if you know about the program or how it benefits you.

I have an Energy Star energy efficient tumble dryer, or, clothes dryer. However, I am not fond of chores. Its weird, but despite having an Energy Star appliance, I did everything possible to make it energy inefficient. I would stuff my dryer with so many clothes that it would take hours to dry properly. It would have taken less time to air dry on a clothing line.

My point is that if you are not paying attention, the ways in which you use your energy efficient appliances, like your tumble dryer, could significantly reduce their operational lifespan. The average tumble dryer can set you back anywhere from $200 to $800. A washing machine and dryer combo can cost as much as $1,700. An average tumble dryer is designed to last for at least a decade at the minimum. So, here is a list of activities that may unwittingly cause you to shorten the lifespan of your dryer.

Operating A Dryer Longer Than Needed

Don’t get into the habit of operating your dryer longer than an hour or two per load. Try not to operate it for more than eight loads per week. Your dryer’s operating manual will specifically tell you the optimal amounts of hours to operate it per day and week. Whatever you do, never stuff your dryer full with clothing to dry. For one thing, you’ll end up running the dryer for several hours.

That won’t help you save money on your energy bills. Your dryer should be at least a third empty when you dry clothes. This allows hot air to dry your clothes more efficiently as they tumble. Also, if your dryer is overstuffed every time you use it, you will just strain its components.

Installing It Yourself

Believe it or not, its in your best financial interests to have your tumbler dryer professionally installed. Unless you know how to install it properly, you may do more harm than good. Your dryer should be operating on a very level surface. Otherwise, the internal components may begin to grind on each other and incrementally wear out from operational strain.

Also, adequate venting is important. The correct venting tube that matches the model of dryer you own is needed. Venting tubes need to be placed properly to allow the optimal amount of airflow during operation. Additionally, your dryer should have enough space between it and any wall for proper venting. You can use your own imagination to consider how the inadequate venting of hot air can damage your dryer over time.

Maintenance is The Key

Always remember to empty out your lint trap regularly. The overheated air and the overheated motor can cause the flammable lint to ignite. Take care of your tumble dryer and it will last for well over a decade.

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