Quality Fireworks Retailers for Celebratory Investments

Is setting off fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July a celebratory investment for you? In the same manner that many people invest in their paying off their bills or car payments, they annually invest in fireworks. Fireworks have been used to celebrate the 4th of July since the founding of the country. It is a tradition that almost half of Americans adopt to this day.

Well over 45% of Americans will buy fireworks for personal use or to engage in community celebrations. As a child, I used to buy small packets of fireworks for less than a dollar from a local store. I am from New York City, and unfortunately, the entire has essentially outlawed consumer fireworks. Some counties will only allow the sales of handheld sparklers, which is still heavily restricted in use.

Still, consumer fireworks are legal in most American states, although some states do impose restrictions. Delaware and Massachusetts are the only states that completely prohibit the sales of consumer fireworks. So, if you live in a state that allows for the unregulated sales of consumer fireworks, then you are more fortunate than those in more regulated states.

Celebratory Investments

A lot of people who splurge on fireworks spend more than a few bucks. Of the number of people who buy fireworks every year, most will spend anywhere between $100 to $300 on their fireworks purchases. Some people are even willing to spend amounts between $500 and $1,000 for their personal fireworks festivities.

Spending up to $1,000 on fireworks purely for celebratory purposes is a lot of money to spend just to watch it go up in smoke. Such amounts can represent bill payments or an investment of capital If you’re committed to investing in fireworks, here are some quality online retailers for you to check out.

Black Cat Fireworks

Black Cat Fireworks is one of the oldest consumer fireworks companies in the United States, if not the oldest. This company has been operating for over 65 years. Originally founded in China, Black Cat began as a subsidiary company called Li & Fung in 1940. Li & Fung changed their name to Black Cat and trademarked the name in 1952. The company offers a wide variety of fireworks like Clustering Bee Rockets, Double Day Parachute, Roman Candles, and 500-gram aerial fireworks. The largest consumer grade fireworks allowable by federal law.

Red Apple Fireworks

Headquartered in Pahrump, Nevada, Red Apple Fireworks is a fireworks retailer that services consumers across the United States. Red Apple Fireworks even offers their customers a 100%, “No Duds,” guarantee on all of their purchases. You can find over 27 Red Apple Fireworks retail location in 11 states. Red Apple Fireworks is always supplied with the latest in fireworks merchandise, like handheld sparklers, to barrel bombs, 500-gram fireworks, and much more.

Celebrate the 4th Responsibly

Make sure that you are legal able to set off fireworks where you live. You could be fined $500, or more, for breaking such laws. Set off fireworks safely and never allow small children to set them off. Well over 8,400 people are injured by fireworks every July – and that is not even counting the other 11 months.

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