15 Best Snacks You Can Make at Home for a Healthy Treat

Snacking smart doesn’t only energize your body and maintain your blood sugar at optimum levels, but also keeps you from overeating during meals. After all, who enjoys the uncomfortable fullness and bloat?

While snacking smart offers a plethora of health benefits, this doesn’t mean that you spend all your hard-earned money on them.

In fact, the sad reality is that most snacks you’ve been spending your money on are super-easy to make at home for a healthy treat.

The good news is that it doesn’t take you hours to whip up some healthy snacks.  The best snacks are easy and quick to whip up, delicious, and fill you up without weighing you down.

Here are the best snacks for a healthy treat you can make at home and stay energized.

1.Coconut Chips

Making coconut chips at home is one of the great ways to enjoy a healthy snack without store-bought packaging. They are tasty and satisfying when sprinkled with a hint of sea salt.

They’re typically saturated with healthy fats, essential to your overall health and brain function. Consider preparing them using virgin coconut oil for added health benefits and bake them for a perfect crunch.

2.Apple Slices with Almond Butter

The perfect combination of apple and almond butter delivers a delicious and healthy snack. This tasty snack provides your body with fiber and protein.

Sprinkle some cinnamon to bring out the flavors and fuel your body for the entire day. This quick and convenient snack also helps to maintain your blood sugar levels.

3.Chocolate Covered Clementines

If you’re craving for some sweet-salty treats, then you may consider snacking on healthy chocolate dipped clementines. It’s deliciously addictive and one of the easy-to-whip up healthy snacks.

Prepare this quick sweet treat with just three ingredients and enjoy some amazing health benefits.

4.Baked Parmesan Eggplant Fries

This insanely delicious snack is a healthy alternative to regular French fries. It’s effortless to prepare and one of the most delicious low-carb snacks, you just can’t say no to.

To prepare cut the eggplant into slices, coat them with Parmesan, then bake them for that perfect crisp.

5.Spiced Plum and Quinoa Muffins

These Perfect Plum Muffins are not only an easy healthy meal to make at home, but also nutritious and incredibly tasty. This healthy snack is perfect as an on-the-go breakfast.

Prepare your plum muffins on a Sunday and enjoy your healthy snack fresh throughout the week. All you need to do is to prevent them from drying by covering with plastic wrap.

Apart from its amazing flavor, you’ll also get to enjoy a bunch of health benefits as the recipe includes no butter and contains little sugar.

6.Veggies and Hummus

Instead of the common chips and dip, go for the delightfully delicious and nutritious hummus dip with veggies snack. Hummus is rich in protein and contains no cholesterol.

This healthy snack helps prevent the build-up of cholesterol in blood vessels and also in maintaining optimum blood sugar levels.

It’s a quick snack to serve up as all you need to do is to slice your veggies into bite-size pieces and dip into hummus and enjoy.

7.Peanut Butter Protein Balls

These healthy snacks take only a few minutes to whip up, making them a perfect on-the-go snack on a hectic day.  The snack is packed with healthful nutrients such as proteins, fiber, and antioxidants.

The healthy treat doesn’t require baking, as it’s made with chocolate chips, peanut butter, oats, and a variety of seeds.

8.Sliced Tomatoes Sprinkled With Feta

This snack is a great healthy alternative to pizza. It’s one of the easy healthy recipes as it includes lycopene-rich tomatoes and delicious feta cheese and olive oil for a filling, yet light snack. It can serve as a perfect summer snack since it helps prevent sunburns.

You’ll definitely enjoy this tasty snack. Other than feta or olive oil, you may sprinkle another type of cheese of your choice or a light salad dressing.

9.Chicken Salad-Stuffed Peppers

Chicken stuffed peppers are your to-go healthy snacks to curb your chip cravings. These chicken salad stuffed peppers are low carb and packed with proteins, vegetables, and fruits to hold you over until dinner.

While this delicious snack is protein-packed, it’s still light enough to curb your hunger effectively without weighing you down.

10.Zucchini Chip Muffins

Apart from the snack’s incredible flavor, this nutrient-packed muffin contains half the calories and fat of most baked snacks.

This makes it a great snack while you’re on the go. Not to mention, zucchini is rich in Vitamin C, which protects your blood cells from free-radicals.

11.Berry Yogurt Toast For Best Snacks

Cover your fiber-rich toast, with protein-packed Greek yogurt for you to stay energized throughout the day.

Add some antioxidant blueberries plus some chia seeds to keep those afternoon stomach rumbles at ease.  The chia seeds are perfect for blood-sugar stabilizing.

Grab a yogurt maker today to help you prepare a quick healthy snack.

12.Edamame Sprinkled With Sea Salt

Edamame makes a tasty, healthy snack because it contains protein, fiber, and healthy fat. You can prepare this quick snack by steaming or boiling edamame for a few minutes then sprinkling them with a little sea salt or soy sauce.

13.Greek Cucumber Salad

This light and refreshing snack comes full of health ingredients. It’s also an easy-to-make at home snack idea. To prepare, nicely slice your onion, cucumbers, black olives, and tomatoes.

Lightly you’re your veggies with a sprinkle of olive oil and lemon juice. Then, top with a square of feta cheese and add pepper and salt to taste for a quick and healthy snack.

14.Creamy Avocado Ranch

The creamy avocado ranch recipe is quick and delicious. It’s also pretty easy to whip up and nutritious with some healthy fat. Whether you pair it with crackers, wrap sandwiches, veggies, or even turkey, this treat will still taste delicious.

15.Cherry-Ginger Hermit Bars

These quick, easy, and tasty snacks are the perfect to-go healthy treats. They are made with some healthful ingredients including dried cherries, candied ginger, and molasses for a burst of delicious flavors.

Stay Healthy with Home-Made Snacks

While there are a bunch of store-bought healthy snacks, nothing can match the fresh and tasty snacks you make at home. With this list of the best snacks, you can whip up a healthy treat at home even on a hectic day.

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