Earn Cash Betting on Weight Loss With HealthyWage

“If you find yourself starting over all of the time, then stop giving up.” I make a habit of collecting motivational quotes to help me in times of need. For example, like when I need to lose weight and keep it off. Junk food is like a comic book nemesis that I have never been able to vanquish. I feel powerless against it sometimes. “The person who says, ‘I can,” and, ‘I can’t,” are both right. Which one are you?”

The battle of the bulge is a real struggle for millions of Americans. Over 40% are overweight. Depending on who you ask, that percentage may be higher. I am not ashamed to admit that I have struggled with my weight throughout my life. My problem is that I have always used food for comfort, escape, or distraction from stress instead of for sustenance.

Also, I just love eating. I have eaten so many White Castle sliders, I should be granted honorary stockholder status. I didn’t just love cooking meatloaf, I obsessed over perfecting the art of bacon-wrapped meatloaf. Donuts are a delicacy to me. I just can’t stand to view donuts, especially powdered donuts, for what they truly are, which is a health destroying junk food.

Obesity’s Health and Financial Costs

I don’t mean to make light of weight loss issues. Sometimes it good to have a laugh instead of falling into despair. And, there is a lot to despair about obesity. Along with causing health problems, obesity is also a scourge to finances and corporate America. Obesity causes over $73 billion annually in lost worker productivity. Almost 13% of work absenteeism work is caused by obesity-related health issues.

A Positive Gamble to Lose Weight

We all know that to lose weight one must eat healthy, exercise regularly, and burn off more calories than one gains. It is not always that easy. It can be hard to stay motivated. Exercise is tedious, boring, and easy to give up on. Research has shown that some people who lose weight are better motivated by financial incentive or peer motivation. A new company taking is weight loss motivation to another level.

Healthywage is a weight-loss incentivizing company that allows you to bet against yourself to lose weight. You just enter your weight on the website’s algorithm calculator, and a bet will be calculated. If you lose the weight within a predetermined time period, you can win hundreds or thousands of dollars. If not, you lose the money you bet. The incentives do not end there.

You are paid $40 for every friend or relative you refer to the website. Healthywage is sponsored by businesses, insurance companies, and companies concerned about the effects of obesity on the workplace. So, to produce a positive impact on the problem, employees can take part in team weight loss challenges. Healthywage team challenges involves teams of 5 challenging teams from other companies to lose the most weight.

Teams can be sponsored by their companies or have bets from friends and families placed against them to lose weight. The three-month challenge features three grand prizes, a $10,000 first prize, a $5,000 second prize, and a $3,000 third prize.

Get Motivated

Healthywage could be a great way for you, a group of friends, or office mates to lose weight positively, in a peer motivated manner, and to win money. What do you have to lose?

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