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Memorial Day is an official federal holiday of observance. It’s a time to show respect for all of the enlisted people who have gave their lives in defense of the United States. Whatever your politics, that is a fact that should not be forgotten. I am not enlisted and have no plans to fight in a war anytime soon. Still, I respect the sacrifices made in the name of this country.

However, the truth is that Memorial Day has long become synonymous with leisurely 3-day weekends, lazy-day grilling and cookouts, long-haul travelling, watching TV, and shopping for the best retail deals. Retailers know that people have time off, Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, and consumers may have money burning holes in their pockets after a long winter.

Over 60% of Americans will grill out on Memorial Day. I know I will. Did you know that Americans will spend over $1.3 billion on chicken, beef, pork and other foods just for Memorial Day? Even though people should be more discerning about their supermarket purchases, most people are more concerned about saving as much as possible on retail purchases.

Most Americans will spend about $500 on their Memorial Day purchases. Whether or not they spend their money wisely, or on items with the best deals or discounts, depends on research and luck. I have done some research I will share with you to take luck out of the equation when it comes to saving money.


Memorial Day is nearly synonymous with aggressive and frequent mattress sale advertisements. Discounts between 40% and 70%, or greater, are ripe for the taking if you find the right sale. To cut down on extra hassle, you should shop online. Online retailers get their inventory from the same mattress wholesalers that physical retail stores do.
Also, most online retailers, and physical stores, offer free shipping and delivery. Many retailers don’t even charge sales tax, depending on location.

Electronic and Appliances

You’re going to get incredible deals on refrigerators on Memorial Day. Most retailers and appliance brand makers sell refrigerators at 45% discount or better. If you don’t mind returned or refurbished appliances, outlets like Sears usually sell them at lower discounts than 45%. You are also going to find incredible deals on computers, but make sure you are buying the newest models. Most retailers sell their slower, less popular laptops and PCs on Memorial Day to move last year’s inventory.


Tire manufacturers know that many Americans will be travelling on Memorial Day. About 37.6 million people will travel by car on Memorial Day this year. There is a near innumerable number of tire makers, they fight for your business, and each of them will try to out-discount each other to get your business.


Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, is also the unofficial start of the peak travelling season. The cost of travelling, especially by air, get more expensive. However, the Memorial Day holiday is a great time to start buying airline tickets or lodging arrangements for the fall and early Winter. It’s off-season travel then, and you’ll save a lot paying for it now.

Compare Items

Why did I recommend these items over others? Patio and outdoors furniture might be 20% off on Memorial Day, but if you wait until the Fall or Winter, they might be 80% off. Choose your savings battles

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