Buying or Gifting a $300 Designer Handbag – Is It Worth It?

The right style tells the whole world who you are without you needing to utter a syllable. I always refer to that quote when I am buying gifts for others. Especially on birthdays or holidays like Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day has just passed, but it is always good to keep ideas and suggestions in mind for future gifts. It’s very hard to buy a gift for someone you know the longer you know them.

Also, buying a gift that you think they may enjoy and actually use more than once. I am considering getting designer handbags for a few people in my life. Still, I don’t want to assume that they will enjoy a designer handbag for its own sake. I don’t know anything about designer handbags. It was only after being on the receiving end of a few baffled, raised-eyebrow stares from a girlfriend that I had to learn to stop calling them, “purses,” instead of handbags.

Instead of a fashionista I am a, “fashion-needa,” as I sometimes joke to her. (If you’re not laughing, it’s OK. She never laughs at that joke either.) So, I undertook some research into designer handbags. I wanted to know the average cost that most people pay for a designer handbag. Additionally, I wanted to know what exact qualities to look for when buying one.

The $300 Handbag

Mighty Goods, a travel and global finance research firm, recently conducted a study concerning handbag using data from 24 countries. American consumers pay the most money for designer handbags than any other country in the world. On the average, most Americans are willing to pay $313 for a designer handbag. Keep in mind, that is the entry level, average price for such purchases.

The Japanese are second on the list. Most Japanese people pay $269 for a designer handbag on the average. India is last on the list, with the average Indian consumer paying about $7 for a handbag.

What Qualities Validate a $300 Handbag?

You know, $300 is a lot of money to pay for a designer handbag as a gift or for self-purchase. So, if you’re going to spend $300 on a designer handbag as a gift, it helps to know a lot about the person that you’re buying it for. Will they want such a gift, appreciate it, and, hopefully wear it more than once? Can you anticipate their stylistic tastes in accessory wear?

The gifting of a $300 designer handbag within itself is simply not enough. So, here are some things to consider if you want to gift such to someone. Unless the person you are gifting has a closet full of handbags and changes them daily, most people will use a handbag as an accessory to a diversified wardrobe for months or years to come. Does the person you’re gifting have a long-term view of fashion? Do they know how to switch up looks with the same clothes? Or, do they change their entire wardrobe even season?

The brand name is what matters in a handbag, but quality, durable materials and craftwork should matter as well. There is always an affordable alternative to most designer handbags that might last longer and be surprisingly appreciated as a gift. Also, it helps to get some crash course learning about handbag styles, perhaps from someone who knows the gift recipient. Is this a handbag destined to go out of style soon?

The Style Is the Thing

Mother’s Day comes around every year. Every year there is a birthday or some special event where you want to bequeath a gift that stands out. Or, perhaps you yourself are a collector of designer handbags. So, it helps to be informed as much as possible about designer handbags. Just paying $300 for one doesn’t ensure they will love it. It’s the difference between seeing a gift recipient wear it frequently, or once and then put it on a shelf.

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