Why Teach English Literature within Taiwan

As everyone knows, the worldwide recognized communication medium is English. Various countries are being noted in making moves while ensuring it gets used officially. It includes Taiwan. It’s the cause of vital role in the nation’s progress like achieving set visions like making Taiwan bi-lingual by 2030. There’re various things a tutor might want to consider while teaching in Taiwan. They’re as follows:

Available market

The government had organized a system where they were hiring as well as train 5000 language tutors. This has offered jobs vacancies to potential tutors. EFL tutors are in a better position as they can grab these opportunities.


Both private, as well as public schools, offer decent salaries especially ESL tutors. This has been made possible by respect offered to foreign tutors compared by locals. Salaries offered are relative from $2000 to $24000 monthly.

Living cost

Taiwan’s standard of living is affordable to foreigners. One tends to benefit as teaching jobs offer accommodation to ESL tutors. Expenses including utility bills, phone bills, foods as well as insurance coverage are quite affordable

Welcoming island

It’s among the best places for foreigner tutors who teach. Natives are friendly, ready in assisting as well as truthful. Despite languages barriers, they are quick to welcome visitors and are ready to know the new linguistic to them. Natives are quick in showing one direction while others can offer translating services to local languages spoken.

Wonderful weather

One looking to find a tropical climate, this’s a perfect place for searching for tutoring gigs. Taiwan has warm summers, short winter seasons. There is moderate temp and breeze from the ocean is cool and offering a relaxing effect. This is calming especially in unwinding before proceeding for another teaching lesson.


One can select teacher jobs within the country due to simple guidelines needed which can be followed. An individual who wants to obtain knowledge on how to teach English in Taiwan must follow simple steps.

  •    There are a few native speakers who are allowed from Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, and the United States of America
  •    The person should have acquired a bachelor’s degree thus qualifying for a teaching job
  •    Be 20 years and above.
  •    Letter of employment from Taiwan’s employer to get the visa processed.
  •    Working resident visa for teaching within Taiwan, upon arrival one can apply for an alien resident certificate with assistance from employer or school,
  •    No criminal record: background checks are done before one can qualify for a visa
  •    TEFL certification. This is important while offering an individual upper hand in getting a teacher’s jobs with a high pay scale.


Searching for teachers’ jobs has been made easier. One can visit online sites and check for legit institutions offering vacancies. One can also learn how to teach English in Taiwan by mastering local languages communicated thus avoiding getting lost in cities if teaching gigs come through. This saves the cost of translators. Teaching over the years has opened doors to individuals who love traveling. Choosing Taiwan an individual may get coveted global experiences, in turn, appreciate biodiversity among the human race.


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