What celebrities eat

While it is true that most celebrities follow a healthy lifestyle, they are humans after all – they also indulge in burgers and Italian food and occasionally have craving for food like pizza and antipasto salad. Celebrities are always looking out for what they eat but on the occasion will treat themselves to some food that they really love.

Chris Pratt has gained a reputation from his amazing body transformations. He says he has lost weight by eating more of the right and healthy kind of foods. He trains every day and consumes 4,000 calories a day. Pratt also drinks a lot of water during the day. Even though he has to eat things such as kale chips he really loves to eat all kinds of meats.

Gal Gadot wants to make sure that her daughters live a healthy lifestyle so she starts the day with a hearty breakfast that includes eggs, fruit, green smoothies, and coffee. The main meals for the family include fish and chicken and plenty of cooked or raw vegetables. For snacking she chooses veggies, fresh fruits, and avocado toast. When it comes to treating herself she enjoys burgers, chocolate, or ice cream as long as the portions aren’t too big.

Jason Derulo used to eat four bananas a day while he was in college because they were cheap and he had a budget. Now that the singer is a big star he really enjoys eating pizza, seafood pasta, and ice cream with brownies in modest amounts. However when he has the chance he never says no to a Big Mac and large fries.

Gig Hadid is a popular model who loved burgers. She says that you have to eat clean to stay fit but have a burger to stay sane. For breakfast she likes scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee and orange juice on the side. Her British boyfriend taught her to like baked beans. Her favorite sweet treat is Grasshopper Pie ice cream.

Jennifer Lopez says the days of enjoying her favorite food pizza are over. Today she is very serious about the food she eats. So she eats only fresh, organic, nutritious, and well-balanced foods with plenty of protein. She avoid drinking alcohol and the only processed food she will consume is protein powder.

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