Get Rich: 9 Expert Investment Tips for 2019

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2018 was a great year for stock purchases, with everything from Cannabis stock to equity-driving FANGS making for a robust market. This was a good time for making money, provided you had the right insights.

That said, there are always lows to every high year, and if you invested in gold, you’ll understand that 2018 had its fair share of lows, too. Looking to the future, what can we expect in 2019?

Join us today for our roundup of nine investment tips for the new year, so you can get an early start on the investment of a lifetime.

Investment Tips 2019

When it comes to investing in a way that’s profitable, sometimes the best advice is the simplest. Let’s get started with a tip that is as important in 2019 as any other year, and that’s to, well…

1. Get Started

Get started investing. Don’t wait until your capital feels right or the market doesn’t seem volatile.

Don’t put it aside until you feel like you understand investing better or until you don’t have quite as much debt. Just start doing it, right now, or as soon as possible.

Like all good things in life, we tend to overthink investing somewhat. The truth is, the best tips invest your time into figuring the market out organically.

If you don’t know enough about investing, learn by investing something. If you don’t think you have enough to invest, figure out what the minimum is to make it viable and make that amount of money work within your budget.

The goal is to start doing it. Make 2019 the year you buckle down and start doing it.

2. Look for Clean Businesses

In 2019, there is little chance of the demand for clean production to slip any. The savvy investor will keep their eye on businesses with low carbon footprints, where the name of the game is green, for better growth.

3. Check Your Leads

We live in a great time for tip investment, with the Internet giving us access to great information from across the world. We hear a lot of things, and not all of them are always good as they sound.

If you get a hot tip, say from an initial coin offering or the hottest new cryptocurrency, run it by someone first. Take the plunge and have a registered investment professional take a look at it if their fee is reasonable.

Someone seasoned, like a CPA. People are more willing to share the wealth than you might think.

You’ll also want to run any new investment opportunities by your significant other, a family member or friend. Obviously, it’s important to choose this person provided they show consistent good judgment.

Investing in a vacuum never works out. When you follow your loved ones’ tips investing can become a much more insightful experience than you might expect.

Finally, just for good measure, when you research your next investment, look into the source of your information as well. Sometimes promoters and online scammers keep websites on the payroll in order to boost their own sales.

4. Pay Down Your Debt

We live in a time where bank debt and student loans are more of a foregone conclusion than an exception to the rule. Everyone has one, and everyone is slowly paying theirs off.

And, you might not expect this, but paying yours off as soon as possible is one of the best investments you could make.

It’s simple math. A high-interest loan puts your net worth at below zero, especially with the high APR often attached to, say, credit card debt.

Paying this debt down completely saves you that money in the long term, making for a higher ROI than almost any other standard investment.

5. Secure Fund Bargains

Tax-loss selling is likely to peak in late November, in most cases. The best fund bargains in these cases are the shares, which will have experienced the heaviest outflows.

Insider buying, in many of these case, suggests an optimism on behalf of fund owners regarding their viability.

6. Watch Out For Big Data

The online giants of years past have begun to show signs of weathering at the edges. Facebook, Google, and Twitter have had a rough few years in recent history.

Many of our favorite online names are data aggregators, and that invasiveness has shaken investors up.

Facebook, in particular, has slipped in terms of brand ranking. Twitter too, to a lesser extent.

And there’s nothing to indicate that when the other big players confirm they do this too that their stock won’t plummet too. And this branding is strongly associated with a business’ overall valuation.

7. Invest Where The Tech Is

Electrified vehicles and other high-tech have disrupted the global industry for some time, now. We’ve experienced measurable changes in our expectations from businesses. This is particularly noticeable in areas like hydrocarbons from oil and natural gasses.

One particular area to look out for is the moving of these hydrocarbons as part of energy storage. TransCanada is a midstream pipeline company specializing in the transportation of natural gas.

They are currently trading at a ten year low in terms of various valuation metrics, due to some worry in the market regarding borrowed money. What’s important to keep in mind, however, is that this opens up unique opportunities for continued growth.

The breakthrough “superfuel”, OBL, is another example of investment following in the wake of new technology. Currently, a Penny Stock performing under its market capitalization, in 2019, OBL fuel stock price is positioned as a key trade player.

8. Keep An Eye On China

Emerging markets are shifting towards a more China-centric model and, to tie into our previous point, a bigger focus on tech.

This growth is set to continue, and the emerging markets it generates are beginning to look more like an opportunity every day. Don’t concern yourself over the fact that they might lower in the short term – owning funds or broad-based ETFs are the way to go, not individual winners.

9. Pay Attention To The Following

Of course, all the good advice in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t have any hot leads to follow. For our final point today, please consider our following list of what to invest in 2019.


We predict Nike’s performance in 2019 to be highly profitable, at 100 USD. With a fantastic options market structure that is quite healthy, this company looks set for bigger and better in the next year.

Electronic Arts

When it comes to a games company investments, Electronic Arts’ revenue and profit potential forecast good things for 2019 at 200 USD.


Cisco’s classic monthly triangle pattern breakout and impressive financials support a huge breakout. In 2019, our forecast puts top stock Cisco at 60 USD.

Investment Tips For 2019

Ultimately, it’s important to be a savvy investor. From finding the right leads to making the plunge to start investing, the more you know, the better.

Stay up to date with what the market’s doing by regularly checking in throughout the year, and be ready to be flexible when necessary.

For more investment tips for a prosperous 2019, check out our money toolkit and start making better financial decisions today.

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