Touchdown: Super Bowl Spending Rising 8.5% This Year

Super Bowl spending is expected to rise 8.5% on a per person basis this year compared to last.

Super Bowl spendingThat figure comes from the National Retail Federation, which estimates that the average adult will spend $81.17 for this year’s game, infusing a total of $15.3 billion into the economy.

Interestingly, people age 25 to 34 will spend more than any other age group, averaging $118.43. They host and attend parties greater proportions than the rest of those who intend to watch the game.

Super Bowl Audience

The NRF study indicates that 188.5 million people plan to watch the New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles, the same size audience that tuned in last year.

Some 18% of people planning to view the game said they will host a Super Bowl party, while 28% said they plan to attend one; those figures jump to 28.9% and 36.5% among those age 25 to 34.

Across all game watchers, 5% said they intend to watch at their favorite bar or restaurant.

Food and Beverages

Among those who plan to watch the game, 82% said they plan to buy food and beverages, a slight increase over last year’s 80% rate but the highest in the history of this particular survey (NRF conducts it in conjunction with Prosper Research).

Another 11% of viewers say they plan to buy team souvenirs — either apparel or accessories — which is the same rate as last year’s.

Some 8% of people planning to watch the game said they intend to buy new televisions or decorations.

All told, these figures make the Super Bowl out to be a real touchdown for the economy.

Readers, what do you have planned for Super Bowl Sunday? And which team do you intend to root for?

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