Keep Your Financial Cool Despite The Heat

fan-2504094_640No matter how you slice it, summer is expensive. In our dreams, it’s because we spent all of our extra cash on two first-class tickets to a far-off beach resort, but in reality, our summertime expenses are never so exciting. Little things — a repair here, a purchase there — eat away at the savings we manage to put aside until there’s nothing left.

Just because the tank is at empty doesn’t mean you don’t have further to go. Though a big, fat zero may be blinking back at you from your bank account, you still have to pay for life’s necessities. When you find yourself stuck between too many responsibilities and not enough cash, a payday loan can help you cover your shortfall.

What is it?

A payday loan is an essential financial tool for when your shortfall is minor and unlikely to reoccur. They typically range between $200 and $1,000, and they come with limited terms that require repayment by your next payday. Its size and terms make them ideal for when you find yourself just a little short before your next pay check. Should you need a larger loan for a longer term, financial experts suggest you speak with an advisor about other options.

It’s essential you that you review the rates, terms, and conditions of these products to make sure it’s the right fit for the situation. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make but direct lenders of small dollar loans can help. Like the folks at MoneyKey, there are loan specialists who can go over any detail of their services to ensure you understand the process perfectly. Friendly and knowledgeable customer service is just one of the many reasons why MoneyKey is a highly-rated and quickly growing direct lender in the States.

Car Troubles? A Small Dollar Loan’s a Perfect Solution

Let’s say you purchased a new-to-you car this summer, and the dealership guaranteed it was in working order. Just to be safe, you opted in for a warranty up to a certain mileage. The car ran perfectly for the first couple months until it didn’t, but it worked well long enough for you to surpass that mileage cap. Not even a week after you left its warranty, the A/C stopped working.

Despite the triple-digit weather hot enough to melt plastic, normally you would suffer without it and drive everywhere with the windows down, blaring the latest earworm Despacito loud enough to help forget about the heat. Unfortunately, you just started your cake business, and you have to deliver hand-made cakes and cupcakes all over the state. You may be willing to sweat it out to Bruno Mars but your buttercream certainly isn’t!

Unfortunately, having spent all of your cash on the car itself, you’re in the process of rebuilding your savings. Even though your mechanic quotes you just $350, you won’t have that cash until next payday, but your next delivery is in a few days.

A payday loan can cover this cost perfectly — and quickly too. When you apply for a loan from MoneyKey you’ll know if you qualify within minutes. Should you be approved after their streamlined review process, you can receive your cash in as little as one business day, so you’ll be able to repair your car in time for your next delivery.

Summer may run away with your check book, but it doesn’t have to ruin your finances completely. Keep on track by contacting a direct lender. Together, you’ll find a solution to your summertime expenses.

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