Must-Have Items for Your Commercial Kitchen

Starting a restaurant is one of the biggest investments to do and one of the most important decisions you will need to make is how to set up your commercial kitchen.

The kitchen will be the heart and center of your business and where your food will be made. If you only want good quality food to continuously serve to your customers, you will need industrial grade equipment that can withstand a daily busy restaurant schedule.

It is essential that you should do careful planning and research so that you can maximize your kitchen’s functionality. The layout of a commercial kitchen should allow seamless flow from the prep area up to the serving line. Establishing a well-structured restaurant can definitely give you good daily earnings, however, it is also equipment intensive. You have to also invest in basic, commercial grade equipment that can contribute to the smooth operation of the business.

Here are the basic equipment you will need for your restaurant:

  1. Freezers, refrigerators and commercial ice maker. A lot of fresh food like vegetables and meat are perishable. Refrigerating these items preserves freshness and avoids them from perishing quickly. Industrial grade freezers and refrigerators are a key purchase for any type of food operation. There are a lot of varieties to choose from, so before you make that decision, make sure to consider the area of your operation. Commercial ice makers are also an essential – if you sell beverages, you will need ice. Before you also decide on purchasing a certain kind of ice maker, keep in mind that having the right ice maker can be the difference between always providing customers with cold drinks or running out of ice during the busiest time and serving customers lukewarm beverages that could leave a not-so-good impression to the business.
  2. Food preparation counters. Prep tables, cutting surfaces and counters are also fundamental to any commercial kitchen. Stainless steel is the best preparation surface to choose from. It is very sturdy, can resist food and meat juices and can withstand even the harsh cleaning products used to clean up commercial kitchens.
  3. Slicers and good quality knives. Slicers are used to cut meat, cheese and other types of food with precision. There are two kinds of slicers – the manual and the automatic slicers. Before you purchase one, you’ll also have to consider how often you will use it or if you need a slicer that can save you time and labor for cutting bulk amounts of food. Good quality knives are also important for every chef that works in the kitchen. A dull knife can cause more problems than having one that has a sharp edge. A sharp knife can make chopping, cutting, dicing and prepping food easier for chefs.
  4. Ranges and ovens. If your operation requires food to be cooked over an open flame, you will need a kitchen range. It is important to choose one that will meet both your cooking and aesthetic needs. Most ranges come with ovens so if you also cater baked goods, it will be in your best interest to purchase a range with a convection oven setting as they are an excellent appliance for dehydrating, toasting, roasting or baking cookies and pies.
  5. Mixers and food processors. Mixers can be handy and effective for mixing in baking ingredients. Investing in good quality mixers are worth it as they do pay off over time. Food processors are also another key item to keep a commercial kitchen up and running as they help speed up the food preparation process. There are three types of food processors available for industrial use so it’s best to choose which suits your business best.

Do you have any other must-have items to suggest for budding restaurant entrepreneurs? Share them below!

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