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pexels-photo-210990Can you believe it? Growing a $1,500 investment in just three years isn’t a feat that the average person can accomplish. Tim Grittani is not your average investor. Neil Patel says the investment genius grew up in a Chicago middle-class neighborhood.

Nothing would have marked him out as a person destined for tremendous financial success.He developed an interest in getting lessons on entrepreneurship at a very your age. That’s how he found himself enrolled at Marquette University to study finance.

As a college student, he restlessly sought to learn, easy money-making ways.

The first thing he tried was gambling, which didn’t work. It was on the internet that he learned more about entrepreneurship and finance. That’s how he stumbled upon an article by Pate describing Millionaire Challenge by self-made millionaire Timothy Sykes. In the program, people are taught to get rich by trading penny (under $1) stocks.

Fox Business

After signing up for the challenge in 2012, Grittani was able to substantially grow his initial $1,500 investment. Sykes’ website describes him as a man who did not stop selling penny stocks after the lessons he had received. Within three years, he had converted this small investment into one million dollars.

Tim Grittaninet worth was $2.7 million as of 2016. Like everyone starting out in a new venture, he experienced a rocky start to penny stock trading. With resilience and persistence, he was able to turn it around and make lots of money. His biggest boost was the lessons from Sykes’ Millionaire challenge which he internalized and applied to make money.

For instance, he was able to learn how to contain losses. With time, he has developed a knack for spotting the penny stocks with fewer risks and high returns. That’s one of the reasons Sykes can’t stop bragging about him being one of his best students. That’s how Fox Business has had him featured in its finance segment.

Keep Growing

Talk of a young millionaire. At only 24, his wealth continues to grow through his trading activities on the stock exchange. For over three years, he has been spending the entire day in front of a computer screen on the lookout for stocks.

That’s how he is able to buy and sell stocks just in time for cashing in. He doesn’t keep stocks for more than a few days. Grittani likes making fast trade-offs and can be in and out of stocks within minutes.

There’s a reason why penny stocks seem to work for Grittani so well. Many of the companies that offer such stocks are thinly traded, mostly over the counter. You rarely find them on offer on major stock markets such as the New York Stock Exchange. But that also makes penny stocks very risky. New investors may lose their whole investment if they are not careful.

Tim Grittani has never stopped searching for knowledge in finance. He has become so good at what he does that his wealth can only keep growing. Give him another three years and you will be talking a different story.

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