8 Places to Sell Your Used Books Online For Extra Money

books-2412490_1920You don’t have to run a legit business to actually make extra money in a flexible way. Thanks to the internet, you can earn money side hustling online that that includes selling old items you no longer want or need.

Some people fail to realize is that books are one of the easiest items to sell online – and everybody has them. If you walked through your home right now, odds are, you’d find some books you no longer want or need. Personally, we have a ton and I’m not even a fan of collecting books.

If you have old books, consider selling them for cash on sites online. Selling used books is very easy and will require little effort on your part. While some sites buy books directly from you, others enable you to list your books free of charge. Payment is made either by PayPal, direct deposit or by check.

Whether you have textbooks, novels, children’s books, or cookbooks, you can certainly sell your used book online for extra money and the following are some of the great places for you to get started.

1. Half.com

This is one of the best places to sell your used books online. It is an eBay site where you will only pay listing fees when your book sells. Apart from paying your listing price, the buyer also pays for the shipping. Depending on how many books you listed, Half.com deposits funds directly into your checking account twice every month.

2. Amazon.com

It doesn’t take much as all you need to do is register for a seller account on Amazon.com. After that, you are free to start selling books in the Amazon marketplace.

You will have your items displayed alongside the other products sold on Amazon.com. People selling lots of goods can get their own branded custom online store. When you make money, it is deposited by into your bank account after Amazon takes out a small fee. I find it interesting that some people can make a part-time or even full-time living by selling items on Amazon but it’s much easier to start making some extra side income first.

You probably won’t make a significant amount of money by selling books online unless you do it regularly, but you can sell other items on Amazon too to boost your earnings.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows you to sell practically anything, including books. The biggest advantage is that you don’t pay anything for listing your books. For 30 days, your listings can stay posted with the option of being displayed on your regular Facebook page.

Potential buyers can message you to inquire about the books you’re selling. It’s important to keep in mind that some people like to haggle when it comes to the Facebook Marketplace and by saying you’re willing to take the best offer in your listing description, you may be able to sell your books faster.

4. Powell’s Books

Here is one of the sites that will buy books directly from you. All you have to do is enter the ISBN numbers of the books you are looking to sell. Powell’s will follow up with an offer on the books for your evaluation. You can ship your books to Powell’s warehouse and collect your cash if the offer is good.

Keep in mind that they may not be interested in buying every book you have, but this is a good site to start with if you want to sell your books easily or even get a second opinion on pricing.

5. CKY Books

If you are looking for another site that buys books directly from you then CKY Books is just it. If you have current fiction, travel books, self-help books, religious books, and textbooks. You don’t have to worry about the shipping costs as CKY will take care of it. You will then receive your payment through PayPal or check.

6. Cash4Books.net

If you have fiction, non-fiction and textbooks published since 2008 then this is the place for you. First, you need to enter the book’s ISBN number to find out how much they will pay you for the book. You can then ship the books to the booksellers for free and wait to get paid through check and PayPal.

7. Chegg

Here is an online textbook rentals site that specializes in both physical and digital formats. It rents their textbooks at half the price of buying new ones. If you are a campus student with referrals of your friends, you get to earn from every rental they make.

This is also a great site to use if you’re selling used college textbooks. While you can often sell your used college textbooks back to the campus bookstore at the end of your semester, you can usually earn more bang for your buck when you sell the books online independently.

8. Payback Swap

This site is designed for those looking to sell books for more of them as payment. You simply start by listing all the books you are going to swap. You then send out your books to people requesting them to get a credit. With this, you can be able to request for books from other users of Payback Swap.

This is a good option if you’re actually an avid reader and are interested in reading new books without having to pay for them. You can also consider this site if you’re looking to save money on your college textbooks by trading your old ones in for some of the new ones you’ll need for the following semester.

Clearly, you have lots of online places that sell second-hand books to choose from. Weigh all your options and have fun with it when it comes to selling your used books.

Have you ever sold your used books for extra cash?

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