5 Business Ideas With Low Investment Costs

apple-606761_1920Are you planning to start a business but do not have that many funds to turn your dreams into a reality? Check out some of these ideas! Not only are many of these jobs lucrative, none of them require much in the way of investment to get you started because they are digital businesses.

With a digital business, you can cut many expenses like leasing out a space, utility costs, certain types of equipment and supplies, hiring lots of employees with you start and so on. You just need a bit of business acumen, a computer with high-speed internet, and away you go! Here are 5 digital businesses you can start quickly without making a huge investment.

1. Virtual Assistant Business

Gone are the days where a business now needs an assistant working at their offices. Now, many hire virtual assistants on a contractor basis. Just a few hours here and there to cover the jobs that they have neither the time nor inclination to do.

This can be a fun job that allows you to earn a decent sum of cash once you start to build up your skills and reputation.

As a virtual assistant, you will be doing just about everything. Sometimes it may be researching, other times you may be building up links for a company, data entry or social media management. There will always be something different. The major benefit is that you can easily expand beyond being a simple virtual assistant once you have built up a few skills.

You can branch into different niches where you can make a bit more money. All you need is a computer and solid communication skills to get started. Then you can start pitching potential clients.

2. Online eCommerce

This business is going to require a bit more of a ‘hands-on’ approach. When you enter the world of online eCommerce, you will need to get hold of your own stock.

You could go down the route of dropshipping, but that is a bit tougher to make work due to the amount of competition out there.

With this business model, you just need to invest in your stock, establish a solid brand, and then get started on your marketing plan. You will need to have a website as well.

The beautiful thing about having an online eCommerce store is that you will be able to gradually expand over time. As those orders start to roll in, you will be able to start investing in more product lines. Do not expand too rapidly, however. Businesses which expand rapidly tend not to be around for long!

3. Graphic Design

If you are creative and great with digital image editing software, then the world of graphic design may be for you.

Every company needs a graphic designer. Quality graphics form the focal point of a brand. Quality graphics help encourage people to buy a product or service. The problem is, there are few quality graphic designers out there.

You may be surprised to know that many of the designers to choose from are just ‘trying their luck’. They may have some idea about designing graphics, but they are not creative enough. They don’t know what makes an image fantastic.
If you want to succeed in the world of graphic design, particularly with the more lucrative customers, then you will need to be creative. You will need to know what makes an image ‘sell’ products or services. If you can nail that, you will generate a lot of money because this is a very lucrative field.

4. SEO Consultant

If you know about search engine optimization, you can become an SEO consultant. Your job will be to give businesses advice about climbing up the search engines.

You will be telling companies what they are doing wrong and give them a ‘plan of attack’ so that they can see that big boost in search engine positions and, ultimately, also see a boost in the amount of money that they can make.

How much investment being an SEO consultant requires will be dependent on your business model. Obviously, you are going to need a computer and an internet connection. Since you are reading this article, we are going to assume that you already have that. You will then need to market yourself. There are several ways in which this can be accomplished. We won’t go into depth on that part (plenty of information out there!)

The real investment comes from whether you want to carry out the actual SEO yourself (link building, content writing etc.) or if you wish to outsource it. At the start, we recommend that you try and do as much as possible on your own, just to reduce investment. As time goes on, however, and you want to expand, you can start looking for a team of virtual assistants to work alongside you.

5. Resume/Cover Letter Writer

If you are brilliant at writing and study the career field, then go down this route! People are willing to pay ‘big bucks’ if you are able to produce a quality resume or cover letter for them.

They want somebody that can write in a way that will score them the best-paying jobs. If you feel like that is you, then you just need to boot up your word processor, grab a couple of clients, and make a ton of cash. The market is quite crowded, but if you are genuinely good at it, you will rise to the top!

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Which one of these digital business ideas sounds best to you?

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