Paribus Review: Get Your Free Money Back

iphone-410311_1280Paribus is a new money-back app that has immediately made its mark amongst its target audience. The app has shown a lot of promise, we thought we’d present a Paribus review. Being able to earn extra money easily on an app will naturally raise lots of eyebrows and interest.

In this Paribus review, I will discuss benefits, risks, and legitimacy of the app.

How Paribus Works

If you, like many others, think that Paribus is an app that gets you ‘free money’ you may not be entirely wrong. But it doesn’t really mean you won’t get money from Paribus either.

If you remember, there used to be coupon-clippings for brick-and-mortar stores that the customers could use to get refunds on things they had bought. The principle it works on is that when you buy something and shortly afterward, the prices drop for that product, you could use the coupon to get the difference in price.

Paribus claims that you may be entitled to some money back from the retailer after the price drops and that you simply need to ask. However, who has time to look through their receipts to track the price of purchases they’ve made, then reach out to the store and demand a refund? Nobody.

Paribus takes care of all of this for you so you don’t miss out on any extra money. When you think about it, we probably miss out on extra money in some ways daily due to not knowing or not having the time to look into it. With more apps like Paribus, we can start to get back some of the money we may mindlessly spend.

Paribus’ Automatic Refund System

The money back system Paribus has is automatic so you don’t really need to do much other than shop online and allow Paribus access to your email. Paribus checks your purchase history from your email and if it finds you eligible for a refund, it requests a refund for you automatically. This is equivalent to free money, isn’t it?

Paribus 1

Paribus app is an idea of Eric Glyman and Karim Atiyeh, two Harvard graduates who put a lot of time and effort to this app. With the right kind of marketing, Paribus got a lot of fame, but the question still remains, Is Paribus app safe? Glyman and Atiyeh may be smart buys, but most folks haven’t heard of Paribus.

Legitimacy of Paribus App

This Paribus review also discusses the legitimacy of the Paribus app.  Since Paribus requires access to your email, this may make some people feel uneasy about using it. However, Paribus only asks this for verification purposes. Paribus requires email access to verify what you purchases recently and to see if the prices drop making you eligible for a refund. Now, this is the extent to which Paribus intrudes into your privacy or security.

But, the problem with email access is that in order to find the shopping receipts, Paribus inadvertently gets access to your business email and private email as well. Though, it’s hardly any serious matter because when you do download apps, you give a lot of access to apps anyway.

Paribus Access to Your Credit Card

Yes, when you give Paribus or any other app access to your shopping receipts, it can be safely said that it has access to your payment method and credit card as well. Paribus doesn’t misuse it though but yes, you do run the risk of compromising your credit card details.  See the screenshots of notional accounts below to get a sense of what the app does with your credit card information.

Paribus 3

Final Verdict on the App

Now that you know the risks, the next important question is, does it do what it promises?

The answer is yes, you get the money the way they advertise. However, you must not keep your hopes too high about the amount of money you get unless you are a big shopper. This is also due to the fact that Paribus has only a few big stores on its list where it searches refund for. If you tend to do quite a bit of online shopping, odds are you may be missing out on extra money so Paribus is definitely worth a try so you can try to get that money back.

The app may come in useful during heavy shopping seasons like around the holidays.

Finally, if you’d like to try the software, check it out here or click on the banner below.

Have you heard of the Paribus app before? Did you know that you could be entitled to money when a retailer drops their prices for an item?

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