cornucopia-1789664_1920Happy Thanksgiving if you’re in America! The meaning behind Thanksgiving is something everyone should acknowledge whether you celebrate the holiday or not. It’s a great time to meet up with loved ones, eat together and share everything that you are thankful for in life.
Sometimes life gets busy and we forget to show gratitude for the little things in life and appreciate what we have. If there’s someone in your life who has done a lot for your shown you kindness in any way, the holiday season is the perfect time to give thanks and show that you are grateful for that person.

Cook Something

Offering someone a warm meal or a tasty homemade treat can go a long way. Food is everyone’s favorite and if you are talented in the kitchen at all, you invite people over for a delicious dinner or sent them one of your signature foods or desserts.
Preparing a meal for an elderly person or someone who doesn’t cook can make their day and show your gratitude. Preparing food yourself is pretty cost effective and shows the other person that you care about them since you took the time and initiate to create something rather than just ordering it.

Send a Care Package

If someone you know if sick, having medical problems, or recovering from a surgery, you can send them a care package to let him or her know you are thinking about them.
Include special things in the package like tea, medicine, a blanket, and maybe their favorite snack. You can also include a card with a custom message.
People love to have the support of others when they don’t feel well or are going through some tough times so care package will be very meaningful.

Offer to do Something they Don’t Enjoy Doing

If you have a grandparent or relative who doesn’t like to do tedious tasks like mowing the lawn, or organizing the attic, you can volunteer yourself to help with these much needed tasks. This is a great way to say ‘thank you’ to friends and family members who have helped you out with things over the years.
You only need to volunteer a few hours of your time and it will most likely be much appreciated.

Give a Larger Tip than Usual

If you go out later today whether it’s to run errands, dine out, or get a service, be sure to kind and respectful to employees who are sacrificing time with their families so they can service you.
Without the people who work on holidays to keep businesses and stores running, you wouldn’t be able to get the things you need so conveniently. It’s important to be polite and respectful to workers at all times, but maybe you can increase the amount of the tips you leave or write them a small thank-you note to express your gratitude.

Invite Someone to Do Something Fun with You

If you have someone in your life who’s always been there to help you, when you recognize a need or want that they have, you may feel motivated to help them obtain it. To show thanks to someone for all that they do for you, invite them on an outing to do something you know they’ve always wanted to do.
This is a great way to surprise someone else and put a smile on their face. For example, my special person that I need to give thanks to this year is my sister. She is always there when I need her and helps babysit for me when I need to work and run errands each time without complaining. Even though I thank her for all her help regularly, I still want to do something special for her to show her how thankful I am instead of just saying it.
I know she is into sports so I decided to surprise her with tickets to go see her favorite basketball team with me. I know it’s something she would enjoy and it would put a smile on her face.
Doing good for people and giving thanks can help you just as much as the other person. Showing gratitude feels good and it’s a great way to put out positive energy into the world. So while you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or going about your day, be sure to show gratitude to others whether it

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