5 Ways to Make Money as College Student

computer-1185626_1280College can be some of the greatest and most proudest times of our lives.It can also be full of stress and times we would like to forget. Some stress can be caused by how much money it takes to go to college and meet basic expenses as a college student. On the bright side, there are many ways out there for students to make money and I wish I would have tried some of these things while in school.

Here are 5 ways to make money as a college student.

1. Selling Things Online

You can use your free time to sell items online and make some good money in the process. This way of making cash can be done at the comfort of your dorm room and won’t take much more than a camera and a way to get to the post office to ship your items to buyers. If there are some items at your parent’s house that you’ve grown out of or just don’t use any more, pick them up and see if you’ll have any luck with selling them on sites like Amazon, Ebay, or Craigslist.

2. Part-Time Job

When you need a flexible way to earn extra money outside of your class schedule, one of the first options you should look into is a part-time job. You can look in several places for a part-time jobs starting with nearby restaurants, grocery stores and shopping malls.

Most places will be flexible with hours and ask what your availability is so you can work around your class schedule. Start putting in application and asking around to find opportunities.

3. Tutoring

Tutoring other students can also be a nice way to make a quick buck. If you’re strong in math, writing and science why not make some money helping others do something you excel at? Your college or university might even offer paid tutoring positions for students. These types of jobs most likely fill up fast at the beginning of each semester so make sure to look out or ask about these positions early on. Midterms and finals seasons are probably the prime time for people to be looking for help so prepare for a rush of concerned students around the middle and end of each semester.

4. Clean for a Fraternity or Sorority

Every college town has its fair share of Greeks organizations and fraternity or sorority homes near campus. If you are interested in making some extra cash, ask a fraternity or sorority if you can help them out with some cleaning duties either at their homes or after some of their events.

It maybe something as simple as sweeping or picking up a few things but maybe a reputation can be built and that could possible earn you more work in the future.

5. Babysitting

Another potential money-making side hustle for college students is babysitting. The need for babysitters would depend on your city of course but childcare wouldn’t be a bad choice when looking to make some money. If you are looking for clients, posting on social media isn’t a bad place to start and people are always posting on Craigslist for babysitters so start there. There may even be some college students who need a sitter so you can also post fliers around campus.

Did you have any special way of getting income as a college student?

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