When is the Right Time to Ask for a Raise?

startup-593343_1920Asking for a raise is not easy for some people, and can take some courage. Timing is key and most jobs give out raises around the time that reviews happen, which is between six and 12 months. A review is when you find out what your boss really thinks about your work so far and if he or she has any suggestions for improvement or important ideas to discuss. It also is a time your superiors will ask you some questions about your experience so far and possibly offer you a pay raise.

Depending on your job title and where you work the raise amount may vary, but in increase in pay should definitely impact your income in a positive way. If you aren’t offered a raise, you’ll need to ask for one. Here are different ways you can convince your employer to give you a raise along with the best times to ask.

During the Review

There isn’t a much better time to ask for a raise than during your review. Hopefully it’s a time when you hear about all the positive things that your boss has been seeing in your productivity. If a raise hasn’t been brought there shouldn’t be any harm in asking if you can have one.

Research how much people who have your job title typically earn using Payscale.com, then bring a portfolio with any evidence that supports your progress and accomplishments made at work so you can justify asking for a raise.

The Company is Doing Well

Sometimes employers can’t give out raises because they don’t have the money to pay more which can put you in a difficult situation. This is why it’s best to always consider long-term work with an employer who has expressed that there is plenty of room for growth and expansion.

Depending on the industry, you might be able to tell if your company is doing well financially. If sales have increased or your client load has gotten larger, it’s safe to assume the company is bringing in more money. Your workload might also have increased along with the stress to meet deadlines and the dynamic at your workplace can easily change. In this case, you might want to reach out to your boss and ask for a raise since you’re working harder.

Supervisor is in a Giving Mood

One key factor in getting a raise is if your boss is in good mood. I know this sounds flawed, but sometimes there is a bad time to ask someone for something and when it comes to asking for a raise, avoid bringing it up at what may seem like a bad time. If they seem to be having an off week or have been going through some personal or family issues, you can always wait a week or so for a better time. You want to discuss your pay rate when they are in in a positive mindset and have an open mind about bumping up your pay for various different reasons.

Demonstrate Positive Results Besides Productivity

Lead people in a company also look at how you well you do in other areas beside your work and level of productivity.Try your best to be on time and not miss to much work without a valid excuse. They also love a reasonable heads up if your are going to miss some time. Also, don’t cause drama in your workplace and consider developing some leadership qualities if you’d like to be considered for a promotion which can give you a nice pay boost. If a raise isn’t available for your position, a promotion might be and you can always pull your boss aside and let them know you are interested in moving up in the company so they can keep you in mind for any opportunities.

Picked up a New Skill

If you just received a new certification or degree and it is an asset to your current employer, this can be something that can definitely help contribute to a pay increase. Learning something new can add to your level of value you offer and set you apart from coworkers. Some companies offer additional training and even that can be a huge reason why you may deserve a raise. Doing it outside of the company will obviously cost more so if they can help fund your education that would be best. Either way, your employer would love that you took the initiative to bring in some more knowledge that may benefit the company that you did not have before.

Have you asked for a raise? What steps did you follow before you asked and how did you do it?

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